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Adam Holzman:
Truth Decay
Label Big Fun Productions
recorded November/December 2017 in New York/USA
online distribution


Adam Holzman piano, keyboards
Franz Hackl trumpet
Ofer Assaf soprano sax
Theo Travis flute
Steven Wilson guitar
Jane Getter guitar
Freddy Cash jr bass
Laurence Cottle bass
Mark Egan bass
Stefano Olivado harmonica, bass
Craig Blundell drums
Abe Fogle drums
Davide Raggazoni drums
Nick Beggs vocals
Randy McStine vocals


Track List
01: Ectoplasm
02: Bella Capri
03: A House Is Not A Motel
04: Phobia
05: Good Luck With Your Music
06: Are You High?
07: Truth Decay
08: I Told You So
09: Morphine Lollipop
10: You Knew
11: Picking Through The Wreckage




Sound Samples
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