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Sun Ra:
The Early Albums Collection 1957-1963
Label Enlightenment EN4CD9145
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Sun Ra keyboards
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Track List
"Jazz By Sun Ra" 1957
CD1-01: Brainville
CD1-02: Call For All Demons
CD1-03: Transition
CD1-04: Possession
CD1-05: Street Named Hell
CD1-06: Lullaby For Realville
CD1-07: Future
CD1-08: New Horizons
CD1-09: Fall Off The Log
CD1-10: Sun Song

"Sound Of Joy" 1957
CD1-11: El Is A Sound Of Joy
CD1-12: Overtones Of China
CD1-13: Two Tones
CD1-14: Paradise
CD1-15: Planet Earth
CD1-16: Ankh
CD1-17: Saturn
CD1-18: Reflections In Blue
CD1-19: El Viktor

"Super Sonic Jazz"
CD2-01: India
CD2-02: Sunology
CD2-03: Advice To Medics
CD2-04: Super Blonde
CD2-05: Soft Talk
CD2-06: Sunology Part II
CD2-07: Kingdom Of Not
CD2-08: Portrait Of The Living Sky
CD2-09: Blues At Midnight
CD2-10: El Is A Sound Of Joy
CD2-11: Springtime In Chicago
CD2-12: Medicine For A Nightmare

"Interstellar Low Ways" 1959
CD2-13: Onward
CD2-14: Somewhere In Space
CD2-15: Interplanetary Music
CD2-16: Interstellar Low Ways
CD2-17: Space Loneliness
CD2-18: Space Aura
CD2-19: Rocket Number Nine Take Off For The Planet Venus

"Jazz In Silhouette" 1959
CD3-01: Hours After
CD3-02: Horoscope
CD3-03: Images
CD3-04: Blues At Midnight
CD3-05: Enlightenment
CD3-06: Saturn
CD3-07: Velvet
CD3-08: Ancient Aithiopia

"The Futuristic Sounds Of Sun Ra"
CD3-09: Bassism
CD3-10: Of Sounds And Something Else
CD3-11: What's That?
CD3-12: Where Is Tomorrow?
CD3-13: The Beginning
CD3-14: China Gates
CD3-15: New Day
CD3-16: Tapestry From An Asteroid
CD3-17: Jet Flight
CD3-18: Looking Outward
CD3-19: Space Jazz Reverie

"When Sun Comes Out" 1963
CD4-01: Circe
CD4-02: The Nile
CD4-03: Brazilian Sun
CD4-04: We Travel The Spaceways
CD4-05: Calling Planet Earth
CD4-06: Dancing Shadows
CD4-07: The Rainmaker
CD4-08: When Sun Comes Out

Singles 1955 - 1960
CD4-09: Dreaming
CD4-10: Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie
CD4-11: Bye Bye
CD4-12: Somebody's In Love
CD4-13: It's Christmas Time
CD4-14: Happy New Year To You
CD4-15: Muck Muck
CD4-16: Hot Skillet Mama
CD4-17: I'm Coming Home
CD4-18: Last Call For Love
CD4-19: Urnack
CD4-20: State Street
CD4-21: The Blue Set
CD4-22: Big City Blues
CD4-23: October




Sound Samples
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