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Junko Beat:
Label Louisiana Music Factory
online distribution


Jagon Eldridge baritone sax
Dave Ludman baritone sax
Ian Cunningham guitar
Dave Easly pedal steel
Mark Trinicosta guitar
Brian Charette organ
Nathanial Dresher Hammond B-3 organ, piano
Chris Lacinak mellotron, synthesizer, piano, bass, drums, percussion
Will Snowden cello
Mike DuClos bass
Jared Mulcahy bass
Miles Ridnell bass
Vernon Rome bass
Siguenon Kone djembé
Jane Brody vocals


Track List
01: Control
02: After Burn
03: Words
04: March 1827
05: Voyage To Gold And Green
06: Lotus Rising
07: Land Of Milk And Honey




Sound Samples
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