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Damian dalla Torre:
Happy Floating
Label Squama Recordings SQM013
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Damian dalla Torre tenor sax, clarinet, flute, guitar, organ, synthesizer, harmonium
Lukas Diller alto sax
Theresia Philipp alto sax
Antonia Hausmann trombone
Heidi Bayer trumpet
Max Kraft flugelhorn
Bertram Burkert guitar
Markus Rom guitar
Arno Krokenberger pipe organ
Johannes Bigge piano
Jonas Timm mellotron
Volker Heuken vibes, marimba
Christian Dähne bass
Alex Binder bass
Ruth Goller bass
Beate Wiesinger bass
Lorenz Heigenhuber bass
Jan Roth drums
Philipp Scholz drums


Track List
01: 7:23
02: Alles Neu
03: heyheyhey
04: Bolzano
05: Where To Go
06: 8:45
07: Plastic Air
08: SO




Sound Samples
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Damian dalla Torre - Happy Floating


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