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Rain Sultanov:
Label Ozella OZ108CD
recorded September 2021 at the Church of the Savior in Baku/Azerbaijan
online distribution


Rain Sultanov soprano sax
Vladimir Nesterenko pipe organ
Aleksey Miltikh cello


Track List
01: Forgive Me
02: Love Will Change You
03: Sinister Act
04: The Bodies
05: Requiem
06: Unusual Space
07: Liberation From The Evil
08: Soul
09: Ballad Of The Universe


This extraordinary new album was released on June 7th, 2024. Soprano saxophone with church organ and cello. That alone was enough to arouse my interest. And it did not disappoint. Rain Sultanov has musically implemented a theme that is unfortunately omnipresent today in a very individual and personal way: anger.
On his new album, the musician now faces his own anger, his view of it and his way of dealing with the anger that confronts us all every day. What would you expect? An aggressive, loud and angry work? That's exactly what I have. But it's something completely different... It is a work of sometimes unearthly beauty. Simple, melancholic, tender and often downright fragile songs. The recording technique (recorded in a church, including the reverb) and the very rare trio line-up make the work something almost unique.
Claus Volke @ (transl. by Google)


Sound Samples
MP3 n/a Spotify complete album:
Rain Sultanov - Forgiveness


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