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Clarence Penn:
Behind The Voice
Label Origin Records 82897
recorded September 2021 through July 2023 in Brooklyn, NY/USA
online distribution


Clarence Penn keyboards, drums, percussion, vocoder
Doug DeHays sax
Marshall Gilkes trombone
Christopher Bruce guitar
Tom Guarna guitar
Gilad Hekselman guitar
Adam Rogers guitar
Shedrick Mitchell piano, organ
Gregoire Maret harmonica
Darrell Freeman bass
James Genus bass
Yasushi Nakamura bass
Emily Braden vocals
Kurt Elling vocals
Chelsea Jackson vocals
Aaron Marcellus vocals
Toku vocals


Track List
01: Send One Your Love
02: Come Talk to Me
03: Growing Trade
04: Sometimes It Snows in April
05: Everlong 3:56
06: The Heart of the Matter
07: Why Can't It Wait Till Morning
08: Human Nature
09: You Are




Sound Samples
MP3 n/a Spotify complete album:
Madeleine Peyroux - Let's Walk


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