January 2006:
Stéfan Patry

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picture of Stéfan Patry Stéfan tells his story
how he came to the organ:

I came to the organ when I was 13 years old. Rhoda Scott moved to my neighbourhood in the Normandy. I had been already a fan of her, and when I met her, I decided to become an organist. The encounter with Rhoda has given my life a fabulous way. I have taken some lessons in Chartres with an organ teacher and I sent K7 of me to Rhoda to show her my progress. When I was 18 years old, I decided to go to Paris; I went to the music school 'Conservatoire' to learn classical organ, harmonieS and lyricS. I began to play in clubs.
Rhoda often invited me to play in her concerts - a big chance for me. I met a lot of excellent musicians who accepted to play with me. I created my first jazz group with my own compsitions. I began to play during festivals and in big clubs.
In 1996, I founded the Tribute to Hammond (TTH), an organization of French Hammond fans, dedicated to jazz on the Hammond organ. Now I am very proud to live my passion for organ music and jazz. The sound of this instrument is complete for me. I am totaly happy. I have recorded 6 CDs, and I have a lot of projects for a long time. Thanks to Laurens Hammond, Don Leslie - and Rhoda.
Stéfan Patry


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