June 2006:
Gene Ludwig

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picture of Gene Ludwig Gene tells his story
how he came to the organ:

In my senior year in high school, after hearing Bill Doggett and his wonderful group playing honky tonk, I decided then that I wanted to play organ. A few years later, I had a chance to hear Jimmy Smith playing live and that finalized my decision. Shortly after that experience, I purchased my first organ, a Hammond M-100 and leslie speaker. 48 years later, I now own 5 organs and am still in love with "The Beast". I have released LP's, 45's and now 5 CD's and I still practice everyday. It is important to stay in the books, learning new tunes. There are many excellent young Hammond players on the scene today, so hopefully the tradition of jazz organ will stay strong for many years to come.
Gene Ludwig
Gene has also produced an audio file speaking about his way to the Hammond organ. Click the PLAY button to listen to Gene !

picture of Gene Ludwig


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