April 2007:
Toshihiko Kankawa

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picture of Toshihiko Kankawa Toshihiko tells his story
how he came to the organ:

Hello, I'm Toshihiko Kankana. It's a great honor to be chosen as 'Organist of the month'. I'd like thank you very much to IAJO and everyone in the Hammond organ world. When I was 19, I encountered the organist, Mr. Jimmy Smith in LA. Before the moment I had played only the piano. The sound surprised me a lot. Then I became a roadie for Jimmy and brought his organ. When I was in my twenties, I was in Harlem in New York. So I had many chances to play the organ at many organ clubs there. At that time I was inspired by Jack Mcduff, John Patton, and so many other organ players. The organ is my second voice.
Toshihiko Kankawa
translation by Hiroaki Takagi (www.hammond.jp)
Toshihiko has also produced an audio filespeaking about his way to the Hammond organ. Click the PLAY button to listen to Toshihiko !


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