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Fernando Rusconi
Fernando (*1972) is organist, pianist, composer and arranger, living in Buenos Aires. Very early, he started his piano lessons, followed by studies at the Conservatorio Provincial de Morön, which he left as a professor for piano in 1998. Later, Fernando became a lecturer just at this conservatory, and additionally at the Conservatorio de La Lucila, Juan José Castro, and at the Escuela de Arte de Campana.
Fernando realizes studies in compositions, modern harmonies, avant-guarde techniques, improvisations in jazz and popular music.
contact: fernandorusconi@yahoo.com.ar
homepage: fernandorusconiorgantrio.bandcamp.com
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Drawbar Records
recorded in Argentina
Fernando Rusconi, Hammond B-3 Organ
Marcelo von Schultz, drums
Pablo Vernieri, guitar
Drawbar Records
recorded January/February 2004 in Argentina
Fernando Rusconi, Hammond organ, synthesizer
Valentino, guitar
Diego Rosso, drums
Leopoldo Janin, tenor sax
David Cantoni, alto sax, soprano sax
Pablo Fiorentini, guitar
Leonardo Alvarez, drums
Lost In Time
Drawbar Records

Fernando Rusconi, organ, piano, clavinet
Ryan Anderson, guitar
Timothy Cid, drums
No Moon, No Sun, No Age
Drawbar Records

Fernando Rusconi, organ, clavinet
Pablo Vernieri, guitar
Ezequiel Piazza, drums
Drawbar Records

Fernando Rusconi, organ, piano, synthesizer, clavinet
David Cantoni, sax
Pablo Vernieri, guitar
Marcelo Von Schultz, drums

Sound Samples
MP3 "Equilibrio", from the album "Equilibrio"
05:19 - 4,975kB
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