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organist title length
Peter Adamietz Mad Bed 05:15
Luther Allman Satin Doll 04:28
Luther Allman Saturday's Song 12:42
Lance Anderson Hip Hug Her 05:50
Brian Auger Light My Fire 05:27
Charles Balayer Tin Tin Déo 08:37
Howard Beaumont Howard's Line 04:26
Michel Bénébig Everyday I Have The Blues 09:03
Michel Bénébig Mr. Jim 06:49
Igor Besschastny Summertime 02:42
Emmanuel Bex L'Hymne à l'Amour 06:56
Emmanuel Bex Concerto for Hammond organ and orchestra, 1st movement 21:58
Emmanuel Bex Concerto for Hammond organ and orchestra, 2nd movement 12:24
Emmanuel Bex Concerto for Hammond organ and orchestra, 3rd movement 16:25
Pat Bianchi Humpty Dumpty 03:41
Andi Birke Space Under Water 05:53
Wil Blades Whas Up Doc 08:57
Judy Blair Sunshine 07:02
Andreas Böttcher Noisy Nightlife Part III 05:51
Andreas Böttcher Blue Pipes Intermezzo 05:44
Greg Boraman Chicken Licking 03:40
David Braham Payin' the Cost To Be the Boss 07:19
Erik Brinkman Bronken Groove 09:30
Christoph Bull When You Wish Upon A Star 04:50
Ricardo Burratini Besame Mucho 06:36
Mike Carr In The Groove 07:40
Justin Carroll Angela's Kitchen 05:23
Kendall Carter Lovely Day 05:20
Seleno Clarke Memphis Boogaloo 02:36
Seleno Clarke Soulful Drop 02:40
Gianfranco Cuffaro Willow Weep For Me 04:51
Mel Davis MelFred 06:39
Barbara Dennerlein Birthday Blues 03:27
Barbara Dennerlein Funkish 04:03
Stephan Dettmers Funky Slippers 03:26
James Dickenson I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good 04:57
Clayton Doley Return Of The Prodigal Son 06:56
Bruno Erminero Smoking A Half Note 06:48
Bruno Erminero Auld Lang Syne 05:06
Matthias Ernst Hammond Shuffle 05:57
Michael Falkenstein Brown Funk 05:02
Lutz Felbick JATO 1 12:26
Paul Flush Satin Doll 06:31
Carey Frank Jazz For All Occasions 06:21
Sam Gambarini Invitation 06:46
John-Paul Gard Beef Dumpin' Stew 03:41
Lonnie Gasperini Keep Talkin' 06:01
Francesco Gazzara Burnin' 05:44
Gianni Giudici Drops 04:18
Gianni Giudici Just Funk 08:54
Rodion Goborov Walkin' 08:07
Mike Gorman Smokescreen 05:07
Darren Heinrich A Night In Tunisia 08:38
Andreas Hellkvist Hellkvist Shuffle 05:02
Adrienne Hindmarsh There Is No Greater Love 04:02
John Hondorp Snafu 04:27
Jouni Joronen Day-O 03:16
Daisuke Kawai The Shadow Of Your Smile 11:00
Noriko Kamo Breaking Out 09:25
Dan Kostelnik I Hear A Symphony 07:29
Volker Kunschner Mama Told Me 03:34
Kjeld Lauritsen Organized Riff 06:49
Dave Lennox All About Jimmy 05:14
Pete Levin Uptown 06:50
Hans-Martin Limberg Rhythm Of Time 08:27
Ken Lovern Albert Einstein's Hair 06:33
Gene Ludwig Louie And Jazz 06:12
Hank Marr Moanin' 07:51
Alberto Marsico The Blues And The Abstract Truth 04:34
Dave Mattock Donny Brook 06:04
Martin Meixner Stau auf der A6 06:44
Martin Michel St. Thomas 04:01
Bruno Micheli Theme For Jürgen 04:13
Jocelyn Michel Englewood Cliffs 07:30
Olga Mitroshina Green Dolphin Street 05:06
Vito di Modugno Mr. Smith 05:33
Tony Monaco Yardbird Suite 05:56
Rob Mostert Do Anything 06:46
Steinar Nickelsen Paris 04:21
Steinar Nickelsen Nidaros 04:29
Herbert Noord Organ Marimba 04:27
Charlie O. For Ever & Ever 08:32
Clemens Orth C3 Spirits 04:48
Louis Pain Rock Me Baby 04:31
Andreas Pålsson I Got Rhythm 04:04
Ben Paterson Dream Dancing 07:14
Martin Petersen Jimmy's Bag 05:50
T.C. Pfeiler No Dogs Please 06:01
Ondra Pivec Pantheola 04:43
Alessandro Ponti Undecided 04:34
Vanessa Rodrigues One Eyed Monster 06:49
Wolfgang Roggenkamp Louisiana Grinder 04:21
René Rooimans Equinox 05:58
Fernando Rusconi Equilibrio 05:19
Karl Scharnweber Room-Fills 05:57
Tommy Schneider Breakfast At Sprüngli's 04:21
David Schollmeyer Mozart Changes by Zsolt Gárdonyi 04:23
Radam Schwartz Three Sided 06:28
Maggy Scott Shade Of Blue 06:01
Rhoda Scott From C To Shining C 04:47
Vince Seneri Eleanor Rigby 05:10
Ulf Siebeck Sordid Sorcery 04:30
Todd Simon So Far 08:37
Ike Stubblefield New Shoes Mix 04:02
Pierre Swärd Organ Funk 06:57
Billy Test Trouble Man 05:40
David Timm Toccata über Christ ist erstanden 06:02
Hakan Türközü Tough Talk 04:38
Enrique Valdivieso Moros Y Cristianos 04:12
Bennie Veldman Too Tired 04:45
Ivan Vicari Salita 06:33
Don Washington Pills Pills Pills 04:28
Carlo de Wijs Element DM 06:07
Jürgen Wolf Halleluja 02:08
Steve Wood Mr. M.C. 05:23
Raphael Wressnig Banana Boogaloo 05:53
Raphael Wressnig The Boss 04:33
Bernd Wurzenrainer Kickin' The Beast 03:04
Bill Zerbe Mr. Man 03:14


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