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Martin Petersen
Montreal-based musician Martin K. Petersen was born and raised in Denmark. He started out playing xylophone in the school band and later switched to keyboards. Having no instrument at home, Martin got up and went to school early every morning to practice on the piano before class started. Later, he took an afternoon job as bike courier so he could rent a keyboard and practice at home.
Over the years Martin performed in several musicals at Svendborg Theatre and he played keyboards in the Danish rock/blues band The Overheads.
It was at an Overheads performance that Martin first got exposed to Hammond organs. He was instantly sold and started listening to players such as Al Kooper, Lee Michaels and Van Morrison's organ player Georgie Fame. The latter bridged the gap between blues and jazz which became Martin's main focus.
In 2000 a work opportunity caused Martin to move to Ottawa in Canada. Once settled on Canadian soil, Martin bought a real Hammond and started pursuing his passion for jazz organ, listening to players such as Jimmy McGriff, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Jack McDuff and Jimmy Smith. To this day Martin's principal source of inspiration is the early Jimmy Smith and Jack McDuff albums (late fifties, early sixties).
Martin performs in various settings in the Montreal area - both with traditional jazz organ combos and with the funk group Funk Defenders. Martin is also known as the world's first Hammond cyclist.
contact: mkp@mkp.net
homepage: www.mkp.net
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Sound Samples
MP3 "Jimmy's Bag", recorded in 2005 in Montreal/Canada,
Vincent Stephen-Ong, alto saxophone
Cordell Henebury, guitar
Thierry Arsenault, drums.
03:33 - 4,598kB
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