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Charlie O.
French organist Charlie O. is most known in France for his virtuosity on the Hammond B-3 organ. Multiple collaborations with David Grubs, Noel Akchoté and Rectangle records, with Black Sifichi, or soundtracks for Cedric Klapisch and John B.Root, with the singers Philippe Katerine and Peter von Poehl, the French rock group Mendelson, are evidence of Charlie's great versatility.
Charlie has played on more than 40 albums, part of them released on his own name. Presenting "Marguerite", he reverts to his first love: the pipe organ. As the title assumes, Marguerite has seen the day at the organ Sainte-Marguerite (Marseille, where he has settled down). Charlie gained access to this excellent instrument, and came off with some magic tricks, implying the influences of Philip Glass through Fats Waller, touching also Nino Rota, Arvo Pärt, Errol Garner and Johann Sebastian Bach. Peter von Poehl says: "The whole thing is just so playful and joyous – amazing that you manage to do this with an instrument that weighs I don't know how many tons with just as many tons of cultural heritage attached! It also sounds great!"
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recorded August 2015 at Sainte-Marguerite in Marseille/France
Charlie O., church organ

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MP3 "For Ever & Ever", from the album "Marguerite"
08:32 - 3,218kB
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