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Lutz Felbick
He plays church organ in Aachen, gave concerts all over Europe and in the USA. In 1989, he and three other musicians founded the group JATO (jazz at the organ). Artists of different backgrounds formed a new style, which gave room for both improvisation and static structures. In 1992, the group presented an album with exclusively compositions of their own.
Lutz is lecturer at the Music College in Düsseldorf (Robert-Schumann-Hochschule für Musik); in 2011, he did a doctor's degree.
contact: lutz@felbick.de
homepage: www.felbick.de
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Von Hisdorisch nach Gesus
Nabel DROPS18
recorded June 1992 at Dreifaltigkeitskirche Aachen/Germany
Lutz Felbick, church organ
Jörg Drewing, trombone, didjeridoo
Regina Pastuszyk, clarinet, flute, tarogato
Michael Küttner, drums, percussion
Konzert vom 29.09.2013
Lupophon LUC 1002
recorded live 29.09.2013 at St. Josef Köln-Porz/Germany
Lutz Felbick, church organ
Heribert Leuchter, sax

Sound Samples
MP3 "JATO 1", recorded live 29.09.2013 at St. Josef Kön-Porz/Germany
from the album Konzert vom 29.09.2013
12:26 - 11,675kB
Video n/a


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