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Fabian Fritz
Fabian (* 1990), a pianist and organist, was interested in music from an early age. After his 11-year classical piano training, he left the world of sheet music and decided to learn blues piano.
Pianists like Otis Spann and Roosevelt Sykes fascinated Fritz with their powerful yet profound style of playing. Fabian is developing his own style more and more and has found his musical home in New Orleans music. Pianists like James Booker and Dr. John, who combined blues, boogie woogie and gospel and thus shaped this special style of music, had an audible influence on his playing.
He quickly managed to make a name for himself in the boogie and blues scene. As a solo pianist and band musician (among others with Kai Strauss, Tommie Harris, Jimmy Reiter, Doug Jay and Dede Priest) he has already played concerts and festivals throughout Europe. Since 2012, Fabian has been holding his own Blues & Boogie Session in Altenberge very month, which is becoming increasingly popular and has already attracted guests such as Christian Rannenberg, Gerd Gorke, Fay Victor and many others. In 2014 his first CD "Easy Rollin'" was released with guest musicians Alex Lex, Jimmy Reiter and Tommy Schneller. Since February 2015 Fabian has been a permanent band member of B.B. & The Blues Shacks.
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Dirty Thirty
Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5950
June 2019 in Gandersee/Germany
Andreas Arlt, guitar, vocals
Fabian Fritz, piano, organ
Michael Arlt, harmonica, vocals
Henning Hauerken, bass
Andre Werkmeister, drums

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