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Klaus Göbel
Göbel, born 1942 in Frankfurt/Main, taught himself to play the piano. Jazz radio shows of the AFN helped him and were a great inspiration. One day Klaus discovered a big fat old B-3 in a Jazz Club. His deep interest in this instrument was the beginning of a career as jazz organ player.
In the 60's, mainly the American clubs in Frankfurt were the playground for Klaus. The GIs loved his sound as to be that of Jimmy Smith. Later, in the 70's, Klaus formed the group FROM with such local jazz heroes like Gustl Mayer, Günter Lenz, Ralf Hübner and Emil Mangelsdorff.
To avoid unnecessary transports of the heavy Hammond, Klaus kept his organ in a VW van, and even exercised and slept in the car. It was then the sax player Heinz Sauer who discovered Klaus and his Hammond in the van. He persuaded Klaus to install the organ in the "Frankfurter Jazzkeller", a well-known jazz club.
For nearly 20 years, Klaus gave his attention to a life as engineer. But 1994, the music scene had him back again: Klaus founded the group Klaus Göbels Organizm with the guitar player Jürgen Schwab, the drummer Michael Ehret and the bass player Patrick Langer. In 2000, Klaus' first CD since longtime was released.
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recorded 1971 (??) in Germany
Klaus Göbel, organ
Gustl Mayer, soprano sax, tenor sax
Dieter von Goetze, bass
Kurt Bong, drums, percussion
Power On
recorded 1972 (??) in Germany
Klaus Göbel, organ, e-piano, piano
Gustl Mayer, soprano sax, tenor sax, bells
Dieter von Goetze, bass
Kurt Bong, drums, percussion, gong, timpani
Viktor F. Belgrove, percussion, conga, steel drum, vocals
City Jazz
recorded 1975 (??) in Germany
Klaus Göbel, organ
Emil Mangelsdorff, alto sax
Gustl Mayer, tenor sax
Günter Lenz, bass
Ralf Hübner, drums
Finally Back Home
L+R Records
recorded March 2000 in Germany
Klaus Göbel, Hammond B-3 organ
Michael Sagmeister, guitar
Thomas Heidepriem, bass
Michael Ehret, drums

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