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Lutz Krajenski
Lutz (*1972) showed his interest in keyboards of all kind at the tender age of 4 only. After having done his A-level, he studied popular music and jazz.
Lutz played and plays together with great artists like Randy Crawford, Barry Finnerty, Gene "Mighty Flea" Conners, Achim Reichel and many more. His secret love is the organ, nevertheless he is a reliant sideman at the piano and the keyboard. Consequently, one of his groups he founded is the Lutz "Hammond" Krajenski Group.
contact: kioskstudios@aol.com
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Hørsen Dørsen
Einstein CD61011
recorded 1996 in Germany
Lutz Krajenski, Hammond C-3 organ
Morten Klein, baritone sax, tenor sax, soprano sax
Michael Verhovec, drums
EROX 53-05
recorded 2005 in Hannover/Germany
Lutz "Hammond" Krajenski, organ
Frank Delle, sax
Sandra Hempel, guitar
Christian Schoenefeld, drums
Plays Hits Agogo
Agogo Records AR093CD
Lutz Krajenski, Hammond organ, piano, keyboards
Stephan Abel, sax, flute
Jürgen Neudert, trombone
Benjamin Brown, trumpet
Bruno Müller, guitar
Christian Diener, bass
Peter Gall, drums
Phil Kullmann, percussion
Alana Alexander, vocals
B-3 Vol. 1
Agogo Records AR157CD
Lutz Krajenski, Hammond B-3 organ
Ben Kraef, soprano sax, tenor sax,
Peter Gall, drums

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