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Wolfgang Roggenkamp
Wolfgang was born in 1970 and started his professional career as a musician at the age of 16. His first instrument is the drums, but the Hammond organ became a second half of his passion for jazz and blues. Since 1986 he has been recorded on 35 records and CDs, along with artists like Helmut Hattler, Stan Webb, Peter O´Mara, Prince Robinson or Uli Beckerhoff.
In 1995 he recorded his own album "Spirits " /Acoustic Music Records, while composing, drumming and playing the hammond. Wolfgang moved to Boston in 1996/97 while touring and recording on the jazz and also the rock and blues genres. Wolfgang has toured Southamerica, the Caribic, Cuba, USA, Europe, Indonesia and Africa.
He played with artists like Kenny Wheeler, Norma Winstone, Jeanne Carroll, Luther Allison, Peter Nathanson, Silvia Droste, Nippy Noya, Jens Winther, Prince Robinson, Ron Spielmann, Massada, Peter Weniger, Angela Brown, Önder Foczan, Gary Novak, John Schröder, Jan Akkermann, Vitamin B3 etc.
"As a Hammond organist you have many functions of a big band in just one person", says Wolfgang. He has his own "Wolfgang Roggenkamp Trio" while also still playing in other settings like the "Prince Robinso Band", "Die Orgonauten" or "The Trio".
contact: contact@wolfgangroggenkamp.com
homepage: www.wolfgangroggenkamp.com
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Damn! Let's Jam
in-akustik inak 9009 CD
recorded March/April 1991 in Osnabrück/Germany
Allen 'Gaz' Gaskell, tenor sax
Mickey Kearns, baritone sax
Johnny Heartsman, flute, organ, vocals
Mike Titre, guitar, slide guitar
Luther Allison, guitar, vocals
Stan Webb, guitar, vocals
Todor Todorovic, guitar, vocals
Bob Hardy, piano, organ
Wolfgang Roggenkamp, organ, drums
Fritze Winnacker, bass
Martin Schmachtenberg, drums, vocals
Vitamin B3
yvp music 3097CD
recorded February 2001 in Berlin/Germany
Barbara Jungfer, guitar
Wolfgang Roggenkamp, organ
Christoph Schlemmer, drums
Almost From Sunrise
no label
recorded 2006
Prince Robinson, guitar, vocals
Wolfgang Roggenkamp, Hammond B-3 organ, vocals
Kenny Martin, drums
Colin Bass, bass, vocals
A Red Hot Saxophone With A Blasting Band
recorded October 2009 in Jacobiberg/The Netherlands
Martijn Van Toor, tenor sax, vocals
Koen Schouten, baritone sax
Wolfgang Roggenkamp, Hammond B-3 organ
Henk Punter, drums
First Take
Acoustic Music Records 319.1585.2
recorded 2018 in Germany
Gregor Hilden, guitar, vocals
Wolfgang Roggenkamp, Hammond B-3 organ, vocals, percussion
Dirk Brand, drums
Vintage Wax
Acoustic Music Records 319.1613.2
recorded 2018 in Germany
Gregor Hilden, guitar, vocals
Wolfgang Roggenkamp, Hammond B-3 organ, vocals
Dirk Brand, drums
New Boogaloo
Acoustic Music Records 342.9116.2
recorded in Münster/Germany
Gregor Hilden, guitar, vocals
Volker Winck, sax
Christian Kappe, trumpet
Wolfgang Roggenkamp, Hammond BC organ, meldodica, vocals
Dirk Brand, drums, vocals
Soleil Niklasson, vocals

Sound Samples
MP3 "Louisiana Grinder"
Wolfgang Roggenkamp, Hammond organ
Klaus Spencker, guitar
Hendrik Smock, drums
05:06 - 5,995kB
Video n/a

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