picture of Till 'Sjan' Sahm
Till 'Sjan' Sahm
Till, keyboarder, pianist and musical director, takes the classic path: musical family, piano lessons at the age of seven, double bass at sixteen - in between guitar, drums, and anything else he can lay his hands on - Jazz Institute sponsorship, piano studies at the Konservatorium in München, postgraduate diploma, and subsequent studies as a master student of jazz legend Leonid Chizhik at the Franz-Liszt-Universität in Weimar. The mentor detects and forms the true musical soul of Till, whose alias 'Sjan' is the childhood version of his middle name Kristian. He trains him in all genres and teaches him to feel entirely free within his music.
Apart from professionalism, Till is one thing, first and foremost: a gentle revolutionary who was never satisfied with imitating someone else's music. "For me, happiness is when my own music mixes with a decent ratio of empathy and starts to grow in to a unique musical language."
contact: info@sjanmusic.de
homepage: www.sjanmusic.de
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Right Here, Right Now
Soundso Records

Lars Kutschke, guitar
Till 'Sjan' Sahm, Hammond B-3 organ, keyboards
Tom Götze, bass
Chris Coleman, drums
Alan Plummer, percussion
Sharrie Williams, vocals

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