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Jürgen Wolf
Jürgen (*1946) received in his youth piano and organ lessons. His organ teacher was the well known Paul Wißkirchen, the cathedral organist of the Altenberger Dom. After his final secondary-school examinations, Jürgen decided not to become a professional organist, but began to study at the RWTH Aachen (Technical Highschool) where he passed an exam as Diplom-Ingenieur. During his studies, he bettered himself self-taught on the organ.
After his studies, Jürgen did not find any time to play organ due to his profession and his family. It was not until the year 2006, that he could pick up his studies on the organ again. Since that time he has practiced on a regular base. This has been made easy by his home organ, a Hauptwerk console (IV+P), which he bought in 2009. He was then offered to work as organist in several Catholic and Protestant churches.
Jürgen discovered his love for jazz at age 16. Over and over he tried his own jazz playing on the church organ. During his studies in Aachen, he discovered Jimmy Smith and was excited of this kind of jazz organ. That was the moment, when he started to collect jazz organ music (see "What is IAJO"). But above all, he loves to improvise jazz on the church organ besides classical oeuvres.
Please do not confuse the former organist of the Nikolaikirche in Leipzig with me. We are different persons.
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homepage: www.iajo.org
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Sound Samples
MP3 "Halleluja" played on the great organ of the Marienbasilika in Kevelaer/Germany
02:08 - 1,742kB
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