Mike Carr
You could say, Mike is one of these insiders' tips: an excellent organ player but - why ever - never gained this world wide reputation he should have.
Born 1937, Mike toured as member of the Emcee Five playing the piano and vibes. From 1966 he was a steady guest in Ronnie Scott's club in London. Ronnie says, "he's one of the best jazz organists I know and it was a ball playing alongside him". He has his own ensembles and works also accompanying famous soloists.
Michael died in September 2017.


Hammond Under Pressure
Columbia SCX 6248
released 1968
recorded January 1968 in Great Britain
Mike Carr, Hammond organ
Tony Crombie, drums
Loving You!
Chabada CH 1-7704
released 1978
recorded April 1977 in Düsseldorf/Germany
Mike Carr, Hammond organ, Fender piano
Peter King, alto sax
Peter A. Schmidt, drums, percussion
Live At Ronnie Scott's
Spotlite SPJ 517
released 1980
recorded live August 1979 at Ronnie Scott's in London/Great Britain
Mike Carr, organ, piano
Jim Mullen, guitar
Harold Smith, drums, vocals
Big Blues
JSP Records 1032
released 1981
reissue on CD JSPCD 285
recorded June 1981 in London/Great Britain
Jimmy Witherspoon, vocals
Hal Singer, tenor sax
Peter King, alto sax
Mike Carr, organ, piano
Jim Mullen, guitar
Harold Smith, drums
Live At The WDR 1985
recorded live at WDR, Köln/Germany in 1985
Mike Carr, Hammond Organ
Peter King, alt sax, tenor sax
Peter Schmidt, drums
Bebop From The East Coast
Birdland MC587
released 1987
recorded 1960-1967 in various locations of Great Britain
Mike Carr, organ, piano
Gary Cox, tenor sax
Ian Carr, trumpet
John McLaughlin, guitar
John O'Carroll, bass
Malcolm Cecil, bass
Midge Pike, bass
Spike Heatley, bass
Jackie Denton, drums
Johnny Butts, drums
Ronnie Stephenson, drums

Cargo Music CGCD 190
released 1990
reissued as Do It! on Birdland MC598
Mike Carr, keyboards
Peter King, alto sax
Dick Morressey, tenor sax
Victor Feldman, vibes
Danny Moss, tenor sax
Guy Barker, trumpet
Don Weller, tenor sax
Ronnie Scott, tenor sax
Robert Ahwei, guitar
Tim Cansfield, guitar
Jim Mullen, guitar
Dave Collins, vocals
Good Times & The Blues
Cargo Music CGCD 191
released 1993
recorded March 1993 in London/Great Britain
Mike Carr, Hammond C-3 organ, bass
Dick Morrissey, tenor sax
Jim Mullen, guitar
Mark Taylor, drums
Stevenson's Rocket
Birdland MC502
recorded August 2002 in London/Great Britain
Mike Carr, Hammond organ, piano, vibes
Steve Kaldestad, tenor sax
Steve Fishwick, trumpet
Matt Fishwick, drums

Sound Samples
MP3 "In The Groove", from the album "Stevenson's Rocket"
07:40 - 7,204kB
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