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Jonny Henderson
Although he didn't know it at the time, being persuaded by his parents to take piano lessons at the age of seven was one of the most important moments in Jonny's life. Of course, in a family as musical as his, nobody considered this a particularly special event (his elder brother James Henderson is an established guitarist and his father John, a respected musical academic). And so for the next few years Jonny journeyed down the textbook classical piano path until his teens, when he was introduced to the likes of Eric Clapton, B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Armed with these new sounds, Jonny began to experiment with the blues and improvisation, and was soon playing reguarly in local bands. Before long the rural Gloucestershire town where he grew up became too small for his increasing musical appetite, and he began to frequent blues jams in London.
The experience Jonny gained from the London blues jam scene, and the new friends and associations that he created there, led to a long stretch as the keyboard player for award winning blues guitarist Otis Grand. This period had an overwhelming effect on Jonny's musical growth, and gave him invaluable experience. With Otis's band, Jonny travelled across most of Europe, performing at some of the finest blues clubs, and playing with legendary artists such as Steve Cropper, Kim Wilson, Anson Funderburgh and Joe Louis Walker, to name a few. After his association with Otis Grand, Jonny continued to play with various new, upcoming blues outfits, most notably the Corrina Greyson and Matt Schofield band, which received substantial praise across Europe and the USA after several tours and large festival appearances.
In 2000 Jonny moved to Bristol where, in addition to the blues gigs, he established himself on the Bristol jazz scene. His focus on the organ has seen him in demand as a bass player as much as a soloist in many genres, particularly jazz, blues and funk.
Jonny's current projects are diverse in nature; a funky, bluesy organ trio with Matt Schofield and drummer Evan Jenkins is one of his main focuses, as is a new indie/rock band, Problem Child, with his brother James. He is also working regularly with blues singer/guitarist Ian Siegal, playing at major clubs and festivals all over the UK and mainland Europe, and with London based ska/reggae band Maroon Town.
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Blueberry Pie
Supertone Records

Suzy Starlite, bass, percussion, vocals
Simon Campbell, guitar, percussion, vocals
Jonny Henderson, Hammond organ, Wurlitzer
Danny Boy Sánchez, harmonica
Steve Gibson, drums, percussion

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