picture of Atsuko Hashimoto
橋本 有津子
(Atsuko Hashimoto)
Atsuko was born in Osaka and is living there. Already in her childhood, she started playing the piano and even the Hammond organ. When she turned twenty, Atsuko began her professional career as a jazz piano player. Since this time she performs at many jazz clubs in and around Osaka.
In 1991, Atsuko became the "house" organ player at the Don Shop/Osaka, along with this job she laid more and more stress on the organ. Cooperations with great Japanese musicians, like Makoto Ozone and Terumasa Hino, were to follow. In 1999, a tour led her to New Orleans/USA, and a year later, she had the opportunity to play together with Jack McDuff and Lonnie Smith in Osaka.
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Jazz Organ Tribute
YS organ-ize records YS-1002
recorded July 1999 in Kyoto/Japan
Atsuko Hashimoto, Hammond B-3 organ
Yutaka Hashimoto, guitar
Tatsuhiko Takeda, drums
Jin Mitsuda, percussion
Songs We Love
Thousand Days Records THD-501

Atsuko Hashimoto, Hammond B-3 Organ
Yutaka Hashimoto, guitar
Juasa Kanoh, drums
Elijah Levi, voice
Harvey Thompson, voice
Toni Scrugg, voice
Introducing Atsuko Hashimoto
Azica Records
recorded 2008 in Hollywood, CA/USA
Atsuko Hashimoto, Hammond B-3 organ
Houston Person, tenor sax
Jeff Hamilton, drums
Time After Time
Thousand Days Records THD-502

Atsuko Hashimoto, Hammond B-3 organ
Yutaka Hashimoto, guitar
Jeff Hamilton, drums
... Until The Sun Comes Up
Capri Records 74107-2
recorded August 2010 in Van Nuys, CA/USA
Atsuko Hashimoto, Hammond B-3 organ
Graham Dechter, guitar
Jeff Hamilton, drums

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