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Nacho Mastretta
Nacho (* 1964) is a composer, and pianist. His real name is Ignacio Mastretta Rodríguez. He studied piano at Conservatorio Jesús de Monasterio in Santander. His first music project was named Las Manos de Orlac, a band formed in 1987 that played pop and Caribbean music, where he sang and played a lot of instruments. He then moved to Madrid in 1991 and from 1992 until 1999 he worked as a sound technician in the famous studio El Sol. He also worked at Sala Maravillas, working with international and local bands throughout the expansion of alternative rock.
In December 1998, he released his first album, Melodías de Rayos-X. In the same year he became the official composer of Spanish designer Jesús del Pozo's fashion shows. In the following years, Nacho composed the soundtracks for several films. He has performed at international festivals such as Pop Komm in Germany, Arezzo Wave in Italy, Sónar in Barcelona and in Mexico and the United States.
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Pueblo Records PR01CD
released 2002
Recorded between February and September 2001 in Madrid/Spain
Juan Tamayo, alto sax, tenor sax, clarinet, flute
Felipe Rodrigáñez, alto sax, tenor sax
Enrique Moleón, trombone
Markus Breuss, trumpet
Manuel Morales, trumpet
Javier Adán, guitar
Jorge Magaz, piano, organ
Nacho Mastretta, organ, accordion
Javier Díez-Ena, bass
Javier Gallego, drums
Tres Constructicons, cymbals

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