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Erik Brinkman
Erik was born in Sollentuna/Sweden 1981. He got a piano from his dad’s work by the time he was about six years old. Straight away he started playing around with it and tried to figure it out. At the age of seven his parents realized that some lessons would be useful for him to develop some skills on the instrument. Since most piano teachers in their neighborhood were teaching classical piano, he started my musical career in this genre.
For many years onwards Erik studied Mozart, Chopin, Schubert, Liszt, Rachmaninov and others ... By the age of sixteen he started studying more jazzy and bluesy music and other genres. He started playing in several bands, which was a great feeling compared to all the years of playing solo classical piano music. During his time in school he studied jazz music and improvisation in Sweden and Norway at the following schools: Rytmus Stockholm Music Conservatory, Bollnas school of Music, Pitea Music College and Trondheim Music Conservatory.
In 2005, by the time he had finished his music studies, he felt a growing interest in the Hammond organ. By that time he had a lot of problems with his back from practicing and playing too much piano. So the fact that he could sit higher and straighter with an organ was a huge improvement. He made up his mind and bought a Hammond organ and started practicing full time. It was a very refreshing experience, and it is amazing how varied the range of sound is on the organ compared to a piano. Luckily Erik's back also appreciated the change of direction in my music. That was until moving the Leslie between gigs became an issue though ... Despite that he made up his mind to keep working as an organist. He sees himself firstly as an organ player, but also as a pianist and keyboard player.
Since more than 10 years, Erik has been working as a professional musician; he has performed at festivals and venues all over Europe such as the Stockholm Jazz festival, Trondheim Jazz festival, Stockholm Concert Hall, The Nobel Party, at Jazz Clubs and various venues in France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Austria, Sweden, Norway, and the UK.
Erik lives now in Chamonix/France and works with different bands performing around Europe. Why Chamonix of all places? "Well", Erik says, "I love skiing and mountains almost as much as I love music." Why Bronkenstein? After "googling" on the internet quite long time ago ago, he found out that there is a German piano player called Erik Brinkman - identically. Partly for that reason, but also to honor his father (it was his Daddy’s nickname in school), he came to the conclusion that Bronkenstein would be a funny and unique name.
contact: erik@bronkenstein.com
homepage: www.bronkenstein.com
myspace www.myspace.com/bronkenstein
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Bronkenstein & Friends
no label
recorded September 2006 in Sweden
Erik Brinkman, Hammond organ
Erik Edlund, drums
Jerry Haglund, guitar
Björn Jansson, tenor sax
Bronken Groove
no label
recorded November 2010 in Nice/France
Erik Brinkman, organ
Benjamin Boutant, sax
Linus Olsson, guitar
Max Miguel, drums
Funky Feet Music FFM-7350634
recorded June 2013 in Nice/France
Erik Brinkman, Hammond B-3 organ
Benjamin Boutant, sax
Linus Olsson, guitar
Max Miguel, drums
On Edge Of Wing
Clemmy Communication

Abramo Satoshi, sax, flute, synthesizer, percussion
Lorenzo Herrnhut-Girola, guitar
Simone Caputo Atzori, guitar
Massimiliano Cibelli, guitar
Erik Brinkman, Hammond B-3 organ
Clemmy Della Rocca, piano
Enzo Apicella, bass
Rosario Abramo, drums, percussion
Cathy O'Gara, vocals

Sound Samples
MP3 "A Cup Of Coffee", of the album "Bronkenstein & Friends"
05:46 - 5,416kB
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