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Johannes Landgren
Johannes was born in Lapponia in 1961. He began his studies at the School of Music Musicology of Göteborg University in 1980. In 1985 he got his degree in Church Music, in 1987 he received his soloist diploma in organ repertoire and organ improvisation. Ten years later, he could present his PhD dissertation on the organ music of Petr Eben.
Today, Johannes Landgren teaches at the School of Music of Göteborg University. He has toured many countries in Europe as an organist and a conductor. Also, he is active as a freelance organist. He made a number of CD recordings, and recordings for radio and TV stations all over Europe. His steps into the world of jazz were encouraged by Håkan Lewin, with whom Johannes toured Europe and the USA.
contact: johannes@ellingtonandmore.com
homepage: www.ellingtonandmore.com
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In My Solitude
recorded in Sweden
Johannes Landgren, church organ
Håkan Lewin, alto sax
Freedom - The Vision
Linx LXD 115
recorded December 2002 at Ängelholm church in Ängelholm/Sweden
Johannes Landgren, church organ
Håkan Lewin, alto sax
Kjeld Lauritsen, Hammond organ
Jazz & Pipe Organ
United Sound
recorded 29 September to 03 October 2004 in Chelyabinsk/Russia
Vladimir Khomiakov, pipe organ
Daniil Kramer, pipe organ
Bernd Köppen, pipe organ
David Timm, pipe organ
Ulrik Spang-Hanssen, pipe organ
Anastasia Sidelnikova, pipe organ
Vjatscheslaw Gorskij, pipe organ
Johannes Landgren, pipe organ
Håkan Lewin, alto sax

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