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Neal Evans
Neal received his formal training from Jaki Byard at the Manhattan School of Music. As a member and co-founder of SOULIVE, he has reinvented the B-3 organ, fusing jazz with bumping hip hop and soulful R&B. The independence between his hands is jaw dropping: the left freaking bass lines; the right blazing solos. At first, you're looking for the bass player, but when you realize what's happening you're left dumbfounded.
But Neal is a lot more than a riveting performer. Originally a drummer (like his bro and dad), Neal's concept of rhythm is impeccable. Combined with an ear for complex harmony and soulful melodies, Neal is destined to be one of the great modern composers of our time.
contact: jeff@velourmusic.com
homepage: www.soulive.com
myspace www.myspace.com/soulivemusic
myspace www.myspace.com/nealevans
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Get Down
Soulive Records slr10012
recorded March 1999 in Kerhonkson, NY and New York, NY/USA
Neal Evans, Hammond B-3 organ
Eric Krasno, guitar
Alan Evans, drums
Turn It Out
Velour Recordings 68748-00002-2
recorded in New York, NY/USA
Sam Kininger, alto sax
Eric Krasno, guitar
John Scofield, guitar
Neal Evans, Hammond B-3 organ
Oteil Burbridge, bass
Alan Evans, drums
Doin' Something
Blue Note 7243 5 27936 2 4
recorded October 2000 in New York City/USA
Sam Kininger, alto sax
Jacques Schwarz-Bart, tenor sax
Fred Wesley, trombone
Jeremy Pelt, trumpet
Eric Krasno, guitar
Neal Evans, Hammond B-3 organ, piano
Alan Evans, drums
Stephanie McKay, vocals
Blue Note 7243 5 42805 2
recorded 2002/03 live during a tour in USA
Neal Evans, Hammond organ, keyboards
Alan Evans, drums
Eric Krasno, guitar
Akiko's Holiday
Verve Records UCCJ-2022

Akiko, vocals
Brother Jacques, soprano sax, tenor sax, flute, guitar, bass
Roy Hargrove, trumpet, flugelhorn
Mark Whitfield, guitar
Neal Evans, Hammond B-3 organ
Bruce Flowers, piano
Reggie Washington, bass
Terreon Gully, drums, percussion
Live At Stockholm Jazz Festival
broadcast by Swedish radio
recorded 19 july 2005 at Stockholm Jazz Festival/Sweden
Ryan Zoidis, sax
Rashawn Ross, trumpet
Eric Krasno, guitar
Neal Evans, Hammond B-3 organ
Alan Evans, drums
Heads Up International HUCD 3135
recorded between 2004 and 2007 in London/Great Britain
Victor Wooten, bass, vocals
Shawn "Thunder" Wallace, alto sax
Rudy Wooten, alto sax
Jeff Coffin, tenor sax, baritone sax
Karl Denson, tenor sax
Barry Green, trombone
Rod McGaha, trumpet
Roosevelt "The Doctor" Collier, pedal steel guitar
Keb' Mo', slide guitar
Alvin Lee, guitar
Mike Stern, guitar
Amir Ali, darabukka, lute, violin, vocals
Eric Silver, mandolin, violin
Dane Bryant, keyboards
Neal Evans, organ
Future Man, organ, piano, vocals
Joseph Wooten, organ, piano, vocals
Howard Levy, harmonica
Anthony "Flex" Wellington, bass
Steve Bailey, bass
John Billings, bass
Alvin Cordy jr., bass
Regi Wooten, bass
J.D. Blair, drums
Dennis Chambers, drums
Earl "Big E" Walker, drums
Will Kennedy, drums
Raymond Massey, drums
Derico Watson, drums
Richard Bona, percussion, vocals
Darrell Tibbs, percussion
James "Duke" Jackson, congas
Roy Wooten, cajon
Alvin Chea, vocals
Dorothy Wooten, vocals
Doug Woodard, vocals
Daniel Hunt, vocals
Derrick Lee, vocals
Keith Lee, vocals
Chuck Rainey, vocals
Sifu Brian Edwards, vocals
Saundra Williams, vocals
Adam Wooten, vocals
Dorothy G. Wooten, vocals
Holly Wooten, vocals
Kaila Wooten, vocals
Royal Family Records RFR-0904

Eric Krasno, guitar, bass, vocals
Cochemea Gastelum, sax, flute
Ryan Zoidis, sax
Louis Castro, trombone, bass, tambourine
Neal Evans, organ
Nigel Hall, organ, keyboards, synthesizer, clavinet, bass, vocals
Stuart Brooks, bass
Louis Castro, bass
Adam Deitch, drums, percussion, piano
Alan Evans, drums
Live at Bear Creek Music Festival
Royal Family Records
recorded live 12 November 2010 at Bear Creek Music Festival in Grande Prairie/Canada
Eric Krasno, guitar
Neal Evans, organ, keyboards
Alan Evans, drums
Rubber Soulive
Royal Family Records SOU-1003-2
recorded in Hatfield, MA
Eric Krasno, guitar
Neal Evans, Hammond B-3 organ, clavinet
Alan Evans, drums
P-Vine Records PCD-93492
recorded in Greenfield, MA/USA
Neal Evans, Hammond organ, keyboards
DeAngelo Nieves, alto sax, trumpet
Karl Denson, sax, flute
Ryan Zoids, tenor sax
Eric Krasno, guitar
Alan Evans, drums
Here Come The Girls
Feel Music FM-001
recorded in Brooklyn, NY/USA
Matt Musselman, trombone
Dennis Litchman, clarinet
Tash Neal, guitar, bass, vocals
Neal Evans, organ
Chris St. Hilaire, piano, bass, drums, vocals
Andrew Hall, bass
Eric Krasno, bass
Ladies & Gentlemen
Feel Music FM-003

Nigel Hall, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond B-3 organ, piano, bass, vocals
James Casey, tenor sax
Ryan Zoidis, tenor sax
Louis Cato, trombone
Maurice Brown, trumpet
David Guy, trumpet
Adam Smirnoff, guitar
Eric Krasno, guitar, bass
Neal Evans, organ, bass
Louis Vato, drums
Adam Deitch, drums, percussion
Alan Evans, percussion
Bill Summers, percussion
Alecia Chakour, vocals
Kings March
Soulive Music SL 1701-1
recorded in USA
Neal Evans, Hammond organ, keyboards
Alan Evans, drums
Eric Krasno, guitar

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