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Clare Fischer
Born in 1928, Clare Fischer began his studies in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at South High School. After receiving his master's degree in composition from Michigan State University, he traveled extensively with "The Hi-Lo's" as pianist-conductor for 5 years. About the same time, his musical ascension began with his critically acclaimed arrangements for Dizzy Gillespie's "A Portrait of Duke Ellington." Fischer's influences, absorbed along the way, are as distinct as his music: Stravinsky and Shostakovich, Bartok and Berg, Dutilleux, boogie-woogie pianist Meade Lux Lewis, Nat "King" Cole, Duke Ellington, Bud Powell and early Lee Konitz.
"I relate to everything," he explains. "I'm not just jazz, Latin, or classical. I really am a fusion of all of those, not today's fusion, but my fusion."
In 1983 classical concert artist Richard Stoltzman commissioned Fischer to write a symphonic work using Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn themes. The resulting composition, "The Duke, Swee'pea and Me," features Stoltzman on clarinet, and is performed with symphony orchestras around the world. More recently Fischer was commissioned by Stoltzman to write a "Sonatine for Clarinet and Piano" in three movements, which he has recorded with RCA on his album, "American Clarinet" and is being published by Advance Music in Germany.
In 1986 Clare won his second Grammy Award - this one for his album, "Free Fall," the first having been won in 1981 for his album, "Salsa Picante plus 2 + 2." Since that time he has spent more time as a jazz educator, performing solo piano concerts and conducting clinics and master classes in universities and music conservatories in Scandinavia, Europe and throughout the United States.
In the last few years Clare has appeared in Paris, Finland, Norway, Germany with the WDR Big Band, The Netherlands with the Metropole Orchestra, Austria at the Vienna Konzerthaus and in Mexico City at the Ollin Yolítzli Concert Hall in a concert commemorating the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim on the anniversary of his death in December, 1996. In October of 1998 he performed at the Choro Festival with Hélio Delmiro in São Paulo, Brazil and returned in July, 2000 for a three-city tour in that country with Delmiro. In May 2001 Clare completed a European tour teaching master classes and performing solo piano concerts in four countries.
In addition to Dizzie Gillespie, Fischer has written for Cal Tjader, George Shearing, Diane Schuur, Natalie Cole, Chaka Khan and Rufus, The Jacksons, Earl Klugh, Prince, Robert Palmer, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Spike Lee, João Gilberto, Paula Abdul, and most recently Brian McKnight, Regina Belle, J. Spencer, Norman Whitfield, Branford Marsalis, Tori Amos, Terry Trotter, a French group - "Charts", a Japanese group - "Sing Like Talking", Vanessa Williams, Brandy, Tony! Toni! Toné! and many others.
Since beginning his professional career, Fischer has recorded over 45 albums as leader and has arranged, composed and/or played on another 100 plus albums for other recording artists. His discography reads like a "Who's Who" of the recording industry. Recent releases include "Clare Fischer's Jazz Corps," a big band album made up of 20 brass, 6 woodwinds plus rhythm; and "Symbiosis," recorded with Hélio Delmiro on unamplified Brazilian guitar and Clare on digital piano. In January 2001 Fischer produced his first classical CD, "After the Rain," made up entirely of his own symphonic works.
In December, 1999, Michigan State University School of Music conferred an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts Degree on Clare in recognition of his "...creativity and excellence as a jazz composer, arranger and performer...".
Clare Fischer passed away in January 2012.
homepage: www.clarefischer.com


Catch Me!
Pacific Jazz ST-73
released 1963
recorded 1963 in Los Angeles, CA/USA
Joe Pass, guitar
Clare Fischer, piano, organ
Albert Stinson, bass
Ralph Pena, bass
Colin Bailey, drums
Larry Bunker, drums
Pacific Jazz ST-77; Discovery DS-835
releasde 1963
recorded 1963 in Los Angeles, CA/USA
Clare Fischer, piano, organ
John Lowe, flutes
Sam Most, flutes
Bud Shank, flute, alto sax
Don Shelton, clarinet, alto sax
Louis Ciotti, clarinet
Gary Foster, alto clarinet, tenor sax
Jerry Coker, bass clarinet
Jack Nimitz, contrabass clarinet, baritone sax
Vince de Rosa, horn
Richard Perissi, horn
Fred Teuber, horn
Gil Falco, tenor trombone
Bobby Knight, bass trombone
Tommy Johnson, tuba
Larry Bunker, vibes
Bob West, bass
Colin Bailey, drums
Soña Libré
Verve V6-8531
released 1963
recorded January 1963 in Los Angeles, CA/USA
Cal Tjader, vibes
Clare Fischer, piano, organ
Fred Schrieber, bass
Johnny Rae, drums
Bill Fitch, conga
So Danço Samba
World Pacific Records WP-1830
released 1965

Clare Fischer, piano, organ
Dennis Budimir, guitar
Bob West, bass
Colin Bailey, drums
Chile Con Soul
Pacific Jazz ST-20092
released 1965
recorded July 1965 in Los Angeles, CA/USA
Wilton Felder, tenor sax
Hubert Laws, flute
Joe Sample, piano
Clare Fischer, organ
Al McKibbon, bass
Stix Hooper, drums
Pacific Jazz 10096
released 1965
Clare Fischer, piano, organ
Ralph Pena, bass
Richard West, bass
Carlos Vidal, congas
Adolfo "Chino" Valdes, congas
Nicholas "Cuco" Martinez, timbales
Bob Edmondson, trombone
Gil Falco, trombone
Ernie Tack, bass trombone
Bobby Bryant, trumpet
A. D. Brisbois, trumpet
Conte Candoli, trumpet
Don Smith, trumpet
Brazil, Brazil, Brazil
World Pacific WS-21855
released 1966
Bud Shank, alto sax, flute
Chet Baker, trumpet
Joe Pass, guitar
Laurindo Almeida, guitar
Clare Fischer, organ
Joao Donato, piano
Great White Hope!
Revelation Records Revelation 13
released 1970
recorded 1970 in Studio City, CA/USA
Clare Fischer, Yamaha organ
Tell It Like It Is
Light Records LS-5596-LP
released 1972

Clare Fischer, Yamaha organ
Clare Declares
MPS 5D 064D-99431
released 1977
recorded October 1975 in Meersburg/Germany
Clare Fischer, pipe organ
Salsa Picante
HGBS 15539
released 1979
recorded January 1978 in Hollywood, CA/USA
Clare Fischer, piano, organ
Rick Zunigar, guitar
David Acuña, flute
David Troncoso, bass
Pete Riso, drums
Alex Acuña, timbales, percussion
Ildefonso Sanchez, congas, bongos
Opus 3 No. 1
Discovery Records DS-795
released 1979
recorded 1968 and 1978 in Los Angeles, CA/USA
Moacir Santos, baritone sax, voices
Don Menza, tenor sax
Ray Pizzi, alto sax
Frank Rosolino, trombone
Oscar Brashear, trumpet
Bill Hood, woodwinds
Joe Pass, guitar
Clare Fischer, organ
Bill Henderson, piano
Chaim Lewak, piano
John Heard, bass
Bob Saraiva, bass
Jerry Redmond, drums
Joao Donato, percussion
Frank Ponti, vocals
Alicia Rodrigues, vocals
And Ex-42
MPS 68246
released 1980
recorded June 1979 in Germany
Clare Fischer, organ
Gary Foster, alto sax, soprano sax
Andy Simpkins, bass
Larry Bunker, drums
MPS 68254
released 1980
recorded June 1979 in Hollywood, CA/USA
Clare Fischer, piano, organ
Rick Zunigar, guitar
Gary Foster, flute, soprano sax, bass recorder
David Troncoso, bass
Aaron Ballesteros, drums, campana
Alex Acuña, timbales, percussion, drums
Poncho Sanchez, congas
Hector Andrade, percussion, campana, bongas, timbales
Discovery Records 74003
released 1992
recorded July 1969 in Hollywood, CA and Los Angeles, CA
Clare Fischer, organ, piano, synthesizer, bass clarinet
Gary Foster, alto sax, flute, clarinet
Louis Ciotti, sax, clarinet
John Lowe, sax, clarinet
Bill Perkins, sax, clarinet
David O'Rourk, sax
Gilbert Falco, trombone
Roy Main, trombone
Ronnie Smith, trombone
Phillip Teele, trombone
John Audino, trumpet
Conte Candoli, trumpet
Larry McGuire, trumpet
James Zito, trumpet
Gene Cipriano, flute, alto flute, clarinet
Joe Saldo, flute, clarinet
Bud Shank, flute, clarinet
Joe Soldo, flute, clarinet
Jack Nimitz, clarinet, bass clarinet
Bob Tricarico, clarinet, bass clarinet
John Patitucci, bass
Bobby West, bass
Larry Bunker, drums
Vinnie Colaiuta, drums
Jazz 'Round Midnight
Verve Records 314 531 933-2
Cal Tjader, vibes
Paul Horn, reeds
Kenny Burrell, guitar
Jimmy Raney, guitar
João Donato, organ
Clare Fischer, organ, piano
Dick Hyman, organ
Patti Bown, piano
Robert Corwin, piano
Paul Griffin, piano
Lonnie Hewitt, piano
Hank Jones, piano
Bernie Leighton, piano
Richard Davis, bass
George Duvivier, bass
John Hilliard, bass
Al McKibbon, bass
Red Mitchell, bass
Freddie Schreiber, bass
Sol Gubin, drums
Johnny Rae, drums, timba
Ed Shaughnessy, drums
Grady Tate, drums
Ed Thigpen, drums
Willie Rodriguez, percussion
Alberto Valdés, percussion
Bill Fitch, congas
Wilfredo Vincente, congas
Armando Peraza, bongos, percussion
Ardeen de Camp, vocals
Anita O'Day, vocals
Walking Up
Phono Records 870276
Joe Pass, guitar
Greg Dykes, baritone sax
Dave Allan, trumpet
Clare Fischer, piano, organ
Less McCann, piano
Arnold Ross, piano
Paul Chambers, bass
Ronald Clark, bass
Jim Hughart, bass
Ralph Pena, bass
Albert Stinson, bass
Colin Baily, drums
Larry Bunker, drums
Bill Crawford, drums
Paul Humphrey, drums
Candy Latson, bongos

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