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John (* 1972) started his career playing a local New Jersey Band called "Rose Hill" where he transitioned from a drummer to playing the Hammond B-3. He played in this band from approximately 1991 till 1994. Then in 1996 he played organ on Neal Casal's record "Fade Away Diamond Time", which led him to play on records by Whiskeytown, James Iha, and Hazeldine, before joining Jewel's touring band for MTV Unplugged, Saturday Night Live, the first Lilith Fair tour in 1998, and the following Papillion Tour in 1999. The following years saw him playing on records by Citizen Cope, Matthew Sweet, and Shannon McNally.
In 2000, John got together with pedal steel player Robert Randolph. In that same year, the band backed the legendary Blind Boys of Alabama on the Grammy winning release "Higher Ground". 2004 saw John playing on records by Bad Religion, Tift Merritt, Neal Casal, and "The Clarence Greenwood Recordings" by Citizen Cope. While continuing his session work and touring with Citizen Cope, in 2006 John formed the New Jersey-based John Ginty Band. In 2013, John got together with producer Ben Elliott, and began work on his first official studio release, Bad News Travels. The record features special guests Warren Haynes, Martie Maguire, Neal Casal, Alecia Chakour, Albert Castiglia, Todd Wolfe, and Cris Jacobs.
In 2013, Ginty was called upon again by Jim Scott to play on a record by the Court Yard Hounds called "Amelita". He then joined the Dixie Chicks touring band, playing keyboards on their Long Time Gone Tour.
Keyboard Magazine February 2014 issue featured lessons by John Ginty. Several books mention John including Strangers Almanac by Michael Heaplie which talk of John's participation in the making of Ryan Adams' Whiskeytown, one of the biggest selling country music albums of all time.
In the same year, John entered the Showplace Studios to record Bad News Travels Live DVD. Ginty recreated music from his Bad News Travels CD. In November 2019, Ginty joined the newly formed Allman Betts Band.
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contact: johnginty@verizon.net
homepage: www.johngintymusic.com/
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Fireside Live
Shark Attack SA0001
John Ginty, organ, piano
Dave O'Donnell, guitar
Mike Buckman, bass
John Hummel, drums
Dave Hedden, percussion
Paul Gerdts, vocals
Living The Dream
Blues Leaf BL 9849
recorded in Dover, NJ/USA
Albert Castiglia, guitar, vocals
Juke Joint Jonny Rizzo, slide guitar
John Ginty, Hammond B-3 organ, piano
Sandy Mack, harmonica
A.J. Kelly, bass
Bob Amsell, drums
Emedin Rivera, percussion
Bad News Travels
American Showplace Music ASM 3008
recorded in Stamford, CT; Brooklyn, NY; Dover, NJ; Austin, TX/USA
John Ginty, Hammond B-3 organ, piano
Todd Wolfe, guitar
Neal Casal, guitar
Cris Jacobs, guitar
Warren Haynes, guitar
Albert Castiglia, guitar, vocals
Martie Maguire, fiddle
Paul Kuzik, bass
Mike Buckman, bass
Dan Fadel, drums
Chuck Wood, congas
Alecia Chakour, vocals
Bad News Travels Live
American Showplace Music ASM 5003
recorded live 11 June 2014 at Showplace Studios in Dover, NJ/USA
John Ginty, Hammond B-3 organ, piano
Jimmy Bennett, guitar
Mike Buckman, guitar
Albert Castiglia, guitar, vocals
Cris Jacobs, guitar, vocals
Todd Wolf, guitar
Paul Kuzik, bass
Dan Fadel, drums
Andrei Koribanics, drums
Alexis P. Suter, tambourine, vocals
No Filter
American Showplace Music ASM 5116
John Ginty, Hammond B-3 organ, piano, drums, percussion, vocals
Jimmy Bennett, guitar
Mike Buckman, guitar
Cris Jacobs, guitar, vocals
Lou Pallo, guitar
Paul Kuzik, bass, vocals
Dan Fadel, drums, percussion, vocals
Andrei Koribanics, drums, percussion
Paul Gerdts, vocals
Billy Harvey, vocals
Cara Kelly, vocals
Redman, vocals
Alexis P. Suter, vocals
Long Road Back
American Showplace Music ASM 5117
Todd Wolfe, guitar, vocals
John Ginty, Hammond B-3 organ, piano
Justine Gardner, bass
Roger Voss, drums, percussion
American Showplace Music ASM 1376
John Ginty, organ, piano, melodica, percussion
Jimmy Bennett, guitar
Mike Buckman, guitar
Josh Gannet, guitar, percussion
Aster Pheonyx, guitar, vocals
Justine Gardner, bass
Paul Kuzik, bass
Maurice Moe Watson, drums
Reggie Noble, rap
Not Made For Hire
American Showplace Music ASM 5966

Jimmy Bennett, guitar, vocals
John Ginty, Hammond B-3 organ, piano
Peter Bennett, bass, vocals
Lee Falco, drums, vocals
Linda Pino, vocals
Everyday Angel
no label

Trevor B. Powers, guitar, vocals
CoCo Carmel, sax
Nick Conti, sax
Billy Gensch, guitar
Anthony Krizan, guitar, bass, drums
Bob Lanza, guitar
John Ginty, Hammond B-3, piano
Bobby Whitlock, organ, piano, guitar, drums
Mark Enright, bass
Niles Terrat, bass
Tom Dicianni, drums
Jim Ruffi, drums
Danny Pompeii, percussion
Chicken Grease
American Showplace Music ASM 7931

Biscuit Miller, bass, vocals
Marcus Randolph, lap steel guitar
Alex Smith, guitar, vocals
Bobby Wilson, guitar, vocals
John Ginty, Hammond B-3 organ, piano, percussion
Doctor Love, drums, vocals
Wild And Free
Gulf Coast Records

Albert Castiglia, guitar, vocals
Mike Zito, guitar
John Ginty, organ, piano
Lewis Stephens, organ, piano
Justine Tompkins, bass, vocals
Ephraim Lowell, drums

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