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Barry Goldberg
Barry (* 1942) is a blues and rock keyboardist, songwriter, and record producer. As a teenager in Chicago, Barry sat in with Muddy Waters, Otis Rush, and Howlin' Wolf. He played keyboards with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band backing Bob Dylan during his 1965 newly 'electrified' appearance at the Newport Folk Festival. In 1965, after moving to Chicago to play the blues, Steve Miller and Barry founded the Goldberg-Miller Blues Band. He formed The Electric Flag with Mike Bloomfield in 1967, and later formed the 'Barry Goldberg Reunion' in 1968.
In 1992 he played keyboards with the Carla Olson & Mick Taylor band. In 1994, Goldberg and Saul Davis produced Blue Night by Percy Sledge, which featured Bobby Womack, Steve Cropper, Mick Taylor, Greg Leisz, Bob Glaub, Ed Greene, Mikael Rickfors, with songs written by Rickfors, Gregg Sutton, Pat Robinson, Carla Olson, the Bee Gees, Quinton Claunch, Fats Domino, and Otis Redding. By 1999, Barry both wrote and performed the theme to the Disney Channel original movie Smart House, entitled "The House is Jumpin'". In 2002, he was featured on the Bo Diddley tribute album Hey Bo Diddley - A Tribute!
In 2005-2006, he toured with the 'Chicago Blues Reunion'. Their debut CD reached #2 on the Billboard Blues Chart. In 2012, Stephen Stills recruited Barry in founding a new band dubbed The Rides. Barry appears on the Carla Olson album Have Harmony, Will Travel playing Hammond B-3 organ and piano. The long-awaited film Born in Chicago documenting Chicago blues was released in 2013. Barry had been working on this project for a few years. It includes unique contributions by Bob Dylan, BB King, Buddy Guy, Hubert Sumlin, Eric Burdon, and many others.
Barry's songs have been recorded by many musicians including Rod Stewart, Gladys Knight, Joe Cocker, Steve Miller, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Gram Parsons and B. J. Thomas. Can't Get Enough, the album by The Rides (Stephen Stills, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Barry Goldberg) was nominated for a 2014 Blues Music Award for "Best Rock Blues Album."
Goldberg produced and composed additional musical score to the documentary feature film BANG! The Bert Berns Story. His latest CD, In The Groove, was released on Sunset Blvd Records. The album consists of new and classic instrumentals, and features Barry on Hammond B-3 organ, piano and Wurlitzer piano.
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Stand Back! Here Comes Charley Musselwhite's South Side Band
Vanguard VRS-9232
released 1967
Charley Musselwhite, harmonica, vocals
Harvey Mandel, guitar
Barry Goldberg, piano, organ
Bob Anderson, bass
Fred Belowjr., drums
Cristo Redentor
Philips PHS 600-281
released 1968
recorded in Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; Mt. Juliet, TN/USA
Harvey Mandel, guitar
Larry Easter, tenor sax
Peter Drake, steel guitar
Bob Jones, guitar
Chip Martin, guitar
Grahame Bond, piano
Nick De Caro, piano
Barry Goldberg, organ, piano
Steve Miller, organ, piano
Hargus Robbins, piano
Catherine Gotthofer, harp
Charlie Musselwhite, harp
Bob Moore, bass
Art Stavro, bass
Kenny Buttrey, drums
Eddie Hoh, drums
Carter C.C. Collins, conga
Armando Peraza, conga
Jacqueline May Allen, vocals
Julia Tillman Waters, vocals
Carolyn Willis, vocals
Edna Wright, vocals
Blues Singer
BluesWay BLS-6026
released 1969
Jimmy Witherspoon, vocals
Johnny Pate &am; His Orchestra
Charlie Musselwhite, harmonica
Harvey Mandel, guitar
Danny Kalb, guitar
Jack McDuff, organ
Barry Goldberg, organ
Two Jews Blues
Buddah Records BDS 5029
released 1969
Barry Goldberg, organ, piano, vocals
Soulville Horns, horn
Michael Bloomfield, guitar, horn
Duane Allman, guitar
Harvey Mandel, guitar
Eddie Hinton, guitar
Charlie Musselwhite, harmonica
David Hood, bass
Don MacAllister, bass
Art Stavro, bass
Fast Eddie Hoh, drums
Street Man
Buddah Records BDS 5051
released 1969
Barry Goldberg, organ
Arthur Clarke, tenor sax
Seldon Powell, baritone sax
Garnett Brown, trombone
Ernie Royal, trumpet
Snooky Young, trumpet
Wilbur Bascomb, trumpet
Billy Butler, guitar
Eric Gale, guitar
Vinnie Bell, guitar
Jerry Jemmot, bass
Bobby Gregg, drums
Jimmy Johnson, drums
Blasts From My Past
Buddah Records BDS 5081
released 1971
Barry Goldberg, keyboards
Peter Strazza, sax
The Mar-Keys, horn
Duane Allman, slide guitar
Michael Bloomfield, guitar
Eddie Hinton, guitar
Harvey Mandel, guitar
Danny Whitten, guitar
Mama Goldberg, piano
Charlie Musselwhite, harp
Dave Hood, bass
Don McAllister, bass
Recorded Live
Buddah Records BDS 5684
released 1976
Barry Goldberg, guitar, keyboards, vocals
Vincent Bell, guitar
Michael Bloomfield, guitar
Harvey Mandel, guitar
Charlie Musselwhite, harmonica
David Hood, bass
Neil Merryweather, bass
Fast Eddie Hoh, drums
Barry Goldberg & Friends
Sequel Records nex cd 160
released 1991
Barry Goldberg, Hammond organ, piano, vocals
Charlie Musselwhite, harmonica
Duane Allman, guitar
Eddie Hinton, guitar
Harvey Mandell, guitar
Mike Bloomfield, guitar, vocals
further details unknown
The Best Of Tracy Nelson / Mother Earth
Reprise Records 9 46232-2
Tracy Nelson, vocals, piano
Link Davis jr., alto sax
Martin Fierro, alto sax, tenor sax
Joe Arnold, tenor sax
Frank Morin, tenor sax
Aaron Varnell, tenor sax
Ronnie Eades, baritone sax
Bob Salisbury, baritone sax
Ron Taormina, baritone sax
Gerald Richardson, trombone
Gene "Bowlegs" Miller, trumpet
John Andrews, guitar
Michael Bloomfield, guitar
Bob Cardwell, guitar
Jack Lee, guitar
Boz Scaggs, guitar
James Day, pedal steel
Ben Keith, dobro
Clay Cotton, organ, piano
Barry Goldberg, organ
Andy McMahon, organ, piano
Mark Naftalin, organ, piano
Hargus "Pig" Robbins, organ
Sammy Dodge, fiddle
Johnny Gimble, fiddle
Bob Arthur, bass
Tim Drummond, bass
Steve Mendel, bass
Dave Zettner, bass
Lonnie Castille, drums
Karl Himmel, drums
George Rains, drums
Farrell Morris, percussion
Planetary Warrior
Viceroy Music 54215-2
recorded June 1996 through December 1996 in San Francisco, CA/USA
Harvey Mandel, guitar, vocals
Steve Kimock, slide guitar
Barry Goldberg, Hammond organ
Howard Wales, piano
Artis Joyce, bass
Squid Vicious, bass
Benny Murray, drums, percussion
Stoned Again
Antone's Records TMG-ANT 0058
recorded June/July 2002 in London/Great Britain and North Hollywood, CA/USA
Barry Goldberg, Hammond organ, piano, Wurlitzer
Ernie Watts, sax
Tom Morgan jr., sax
Denny Freeman, guitar
Carla Olson, guitar
Mick Taylor, guitar
John "Juke" Logan, harmonica, vocals
Greg Sutton, bass
Don Heffington, drums, percussion
Pasa Tiempo
Evidence ECD 26126-2
recorded in North Hollywood, CA/USA
Joe Louis Walker, guitar, vocals
Ernie Watts, sax
Wallace Roney, trumpet
Carla Olson, guitar
Phil Upchurch, guitar
David Arnay, piano
Barry Goldberg, Hammond organ
Wally Snow, vibes
Bob Hurst, bass
Leon "Ndugu" Chancler, drums
Henry Gibson, percussion
Chicago Blues Union
Music Avenue 250151

Barry Goldberg, keyboards, piano, vocals
Cliff Davis, sax
Harvey Mandel, guitar
Mike Bloomfield, guitar
Roy Ruby, bass
Eddie Hoh, drums
Maurice McKinley, drums
Bob Jones, drums, vocals
It's All My Vault
It's About Music IAM0235
recorded in Hollywood, CA/USA
Barry Goldberg, keyboards, organ, Wurlitzer
Brian Brown, guitar
Carla Olson, guitar
Jack Sherman, guitar
Mick Taylor, guitar
Stan Berhens, harmonica
Howie Epstein, bass
Mark Goldberg, bass
Gregg Sutton, bass
Gary Mallaber, drums
Rick Hemmert, drums
Melanie Herrold, vocals
Terry Reid, vocals
In The Groove
Sunset Blvd Records CD-SBR-7931

Barry Goldberg, Hammond organ, piano, Wurlitzer
Joe Sublett, sax
Darrell Leonard, trumpet
Johnny Lee Schell, guitar
Denny Freeman, guitar
Nawfel Hermi, guitar
James Intveld, guitar
Craig Fundyga, vibes
Rob Stone, harmonica
Tony Marsico, bass guitar
Reggie McBride, bass guitar
Don Heffington, drums, percussion
Victor Bisetti, percussion
Les McCann, vocals
Bloodlines BLOOD53
recorded in Studio City, CA/USA
Ash Grunwald, guitar, vocals
Joe Bonamassa, guitar
Eddy Clearwater, guitar, vocals
Josh Teskey, guitar, vocals
George Carpenter, keyboards, drums
Barry Goldberg, Hammond B-3 organ, Wurlitzer piano
Ian Peres, organ
Ian Collard, harmonica
Kim Wilson, harmonica
Reggie McBride, bass
Isaac ToTo Molantoa, bass
Alvino Bennett, drums, percussion
Peter Wilkins, drums
Kasey Chambers, vocals
Terry Evans, vocals

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