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Hank Marr
Hank was born 1927 in Columbus, OH. Very early, he showed an intense interest for the piano, and caught each possibility to practice as an autodidact. He soon joined in some bands, before he started to study music at the Ohio State University.
It was the great Wild Bill Davis who influenced Hank; he was then attracted by the Hammond organ. This instrument, more and more accepted in the world of jazz in the 50's, became Hank's first choice. When Jimmy Smith, the rising star of those days, rolled up the scene, Hank adopted a good deal of the Philly sound and mixed it up with Wild Bill's Locked Hand style.
Hank Marr passed away on 16 March 2004.


Night Train
King Records LP 771
released 1961
James Brown, piano, organ, vocals
Herb Hardesty, tenor sax
Henry Moore, sax
Hank Marr, organ
Clifford Scott, alto sax, tenor sax
The Wobblers
no further details known
Greasy Spoon
Charly CD 271
recorded 1964 (?) in USA
Hank Marr, organ, piano
Larry Frazier, bass
Freddie King, guitar
Wilbert Longmire, guitar
Taylor Orr, drums
Philip Paul, drums
Osborne Whitfield, tenor sax
Sounds From The Marr-ket Place
King 1025
recorded 1967 in USA
Hank Marr, organ, piano
Rusty Bryant, sax
James Blood Ulmer, guitar
It's 'bout Time!
Double Time DTRCD 102
recorded May 1995 in Louisville, KY/USA
Hank Marr, Hammond B-3 organ
Gene Walker, tenor sax
Jim Rupp, drums
Groovin' It!
Double Time DTRCD 112
recorded May 1996 in Louisville, KY/USA
Hank Marr, Hammond B-3 organ
Wilbert Longmire, guitar
Bill Stewart, drums
Hank & Frank
Double Time DTRCD 134
recorded November 1997 in Louisville, KY/USA
Hank Marr, organ
Frank Foster, tenor sax
Cal Collins, guitar
Jim Rupp, drums
Bluesin' and Cruisin'
Double Time 1001
recorded June 2001
Hank Marr, Hammond B-3 organ
Jamey Aebersold, alto sax
Gene Walker, tenor sax
Jim Rupp, drums

Sound Samples
MP3 "Moanin'"
Gene Walker, tenor sax
Elvin Jones, drums
07:51 - 4,609kB
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