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Jocelyn Michelle
Jocelyn Michelle was born in Florida but raised in New Jersey. Her parents were both musical -- her mother was a semi-professional pianist and opera singer, and her father played trumpet. Michelle began piano lessons when she was just 7 years old when her parents discovered that she could already play melodies by ear. She eventually gravitated to guitar and played rock in her teens. She went to the University of Miami School of Music as a Music Merchandising Major for a while, and returned to playing keyboards when she left school.
She had been playing on the club circuit in the Miami area when she met her husband, John Rack, who was writing his own original music. Michelle joined him as a keyboard player, and the two went on to become musical and life partners. They eventually released three CDs. They moved to Los Angeles where they lived for many years, performing with different iterations of their blues band. In 2005, they took a trip to Hawaii and fell in love with the place. They made Hawaii their permanent home in 2013 and have been playing jazz and blues on the Big Island as well as making occasional trips to the mainland to perform.
contact: jocelynmichellejazzband@gmail.com
homepage: www.jocelynmichellejazzband.com
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Time To Play!
Chicken Coup CCP 7024
recorded July 2015 in Van Nuys, CA/USA
Jocelyn Michelle, organ, piano, guitar
John Rack, guitar
Bruce Forman, guitar
Doug Webb, tenor sax
Steve Mann, tenor sax
Stan Martin, trumpet
Andrea Lindborg, trumpet
Sammy K, drums, percussion
Bard Dutz, percussion
Gina Saputo, vocals
Regina Leonard Smyth, vocals
Live At Viva Cantina!
Chicken Coup CCP 7027
recorded live at Viva Cantina! in Burbank, CA/USA
Jocelyn Michelle, organ
Jack Rack, guitar
Bill Noble, alto sax, tenor sax
Steve Mann, alto sax, tenor sax
Andrea Lindborg, trumpet
Tony Farrell, trumpet
Sammy K, drums, percussion
Al Person, percussion
Laura Dickinson, vocals

Sound Samples
MP3 "Englewood Cliffs", from the album "Time To Play!"
07:30 - 7,038kB
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