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Benjie Porecki
Born in 1971, Benjie began playing trumpet at the age of ten. But it wasn't until he took up piano two years later that everything fell into place. Already drawn to jazz and blues, he began to practice relentlessly and, after graduating from high school and attending a semester at the Berklee School of Music, decided to pursue music full-time.
He eventually found himself sitting in with musicians like Ron Holloway, Marshall Keys, and Chuck Brown and, as a result, learned an almost chameleon-like ability to play various styles of music on piano, synthesizer, and organ.
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The Rest Of My Life
Severn Records 0011
recorded 2001 in USA
Benjie Porecki, keyboards
Dan Leonard, guitar
Keter Betts, bass
Steve Gomes, bass
Robb Stupka, drums
Alejandro Lucini, drums
Skip Pruitt, sax
Chuck Brown, vocals
Small • Medium • Large
Severn Records 0013
recorded 2001 in Kensington, MD and Rockville, MD/USA
Benjie Porecki, keyboards, guitar, vocals
Blues Webb, drums, vocals
Gary Grainger, bass, vocals
Dawn Robinson, vocals

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