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Nick Rossi
Born in 1971 in San Diego CA, Nick has been a San Francisco Bay Area resident since 1989. After years of playing guitar in R&B acts, he began playing the Hammond organ in 1996 after witnessing a truly inspiring Brian Auger performance in a club in Los Angeles. A little over a year later he was leading the Nick Rossi Set, which initially had a heavy Booker T. & the MGs influence and was instantly popular on the local club scene throughout California.
The group made their debut appearance in England in 1999, followed by their Continental (Europe) debut in Spain a year later. 2000 also saw the release of their debut single, a Hammond organ-ized version of Mose Allison's "Foolkiller". Their next release was on the legendary Blow It Hard Records label and witnessed a distinct shift towards the jazz side of their influences. "Monkeyshines" was a favorite with the DJs and fans alike and eventually also saw release on Acid Jazz Records.
Most recently, Nick has taken the group back to its early incarnation as a quartet, this time utilizing the classic Hammond combo line-up of organ, sax, guitar and drums.
Nick names John Patton, Larry Young, Jack McDuff, and Brian Auger as his biggest influences on the Hammond. He also names Herbie Hancock as a important figure in his musical life. His earliest exposure to the organ was through Stevie Winwood and Traffic, who he heard when he was a teenager. The first Hammond jazz disc he bought was Freddie Roach's DOWN TO EARTH on Blue Note Records.
contact: nicolas.rossi@mac.com
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Monkeyshines/Five For One
BIH007 (single 7")
Nick Rossi, Hammond organ
Fil Lorenz, tenor sax
Paul Turner, drums
Joel Ryan, trumpet
Lukas Vesely, bass guitar
Flare Records frusa-7
recorded 2005
Nick Rossi, Hammond organ
Steve Burke, guitar
Sameer Gupta, drums
Aaron Rossi, tenor sax
On The Outset
Hammond Beat HBL006
recorded 2006
Nick Rossi, organ
Steve Burke, guitar
Sampeer Gupta, drums
Aaron Rossi, tenor sax

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