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Jamie Saft
Jamie (* 1971 in New York City) is a pianist, organist, keyboardist, producer, and composer. He studied at Tufts University and the New England Conservatory of Music. Jamie moved from Brooklyn to the Hudson Valley around 2007, and lived near Roswell Rudd. The two often played together, and Rudd passed on knowledge of some of his own music and that of Herbie Nichols.
He has performed and recorded with an eclectic variety of artists including John Zorn, Wadada Leo Smith, Iggy Pop, Steve Swallow, Bobby Previte, and Marc Ribot. He has also written several original film scores including Murderball and God Grew Tired of Us; selections from these were released by Tzadik Records as A Bag of Shells. The same label has released several of Saft's recordings.
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contact: saft@nag-management.com
homepage: jamiesaft.com
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Too Close to the Pole
Enja Records ENJ-9306 2
recorded April 1996 in Köln/Germany
Bobby Previte, drums, voice
Andrew D'Angelo, alto sax, bass clarinet, voice
Andy Laster, baritone sax, clarinet, flute, voice
Curtis Hasselbring, trombone, voice
Cuong Vu, trumpet, voice
Jamie Saft, piano, Fender Rhodes piano, Hammond organ, clavinet, voice
Lindsey Horner, bass, tin whistle, voice
My Man In Sydney
Enja Records ENJ-9348 2
recorded live January 1997 at The Basement in Sydney/Australia
Bobby Previte, drums, voice
Jerome Harris, guitar, bass, voice
Marc Ducret, guitar
Jamie Saft, Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, synthesizer
Queen Of The Meadow
Jetset Records TWA33CD
recorded July 2000 in New York, NY/USA
Oren Bloedow, guitar, Wurlitzer piano, glass harmonica, bass, vocals
Jennifer Charles, guitar, Wurlitzer piano, vocals
Jamie Saft, guitar, accordion, Farfisa organ, Hammond organ, Wurlitzer piano
The Good, guitar, glass harmonica
Ben Perowsky, banjo, drums
Jennifer Charles, synthesizer, vocals
The Evil, Wurlitzer piano, bass, percussion
Julianne Klopotik, violin
Joan Wasser, violin
Jane Scarpantoni, cello
Lili Mash, bagpipes
James Genus, bass
Michael Tighe, bass
The 23 Constellations of Joan Miró
Tzadik Records TZA 7072
recorded July 2001 in New York City/USA
Bobby Previte, drums, percussion, vibes
Jane Ira Bloom, soprano sax
Lew Soloff, trumpet, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn
Ralph Alessi, flugelhorn, trumpet
Michel Gentile, flute
Ned Rothenberg, bass clarinet
John Bacon jr., vibes, percussion
Jamie Saft, Hammond organ, celeste, Fender Rhodes
Wayne Horvitz, Hammond organ, piano
Elizabeth Panzer, harp
The Bribe
Tzadik Records TZ 7332
recorded in New York City/USA
John Zorn, piano, theremin
Dave Douglas, trumpet
Marc Ribot, guitar
Jamie Saft, organ, Wurlitzer piano
Raman Ramakrishnan, cello
Greg Cohen, bass
Trevor Dunn, bass
Joey Baron, drums
Cyro Baptista, percussion
Ned Rothenberg, shakuhachi
Mike Patton, voices
Filmworks X: In The Mirror Of Maya Deren
Tzadik Records TZ 7333
recorded in Brooklyn, NY/USA
John Zorn, piano, percussion
Jamie Saft, organ, piano, Wurlitzer
Erik Friedlander, cello
Cyro Baptista, percussion
Breadcrumb Sins
Tzadik Records TZ 7162
recorded December 2001 to January 2002 in Brooklyn, NY/USA
Jamie Saft, steel guitar, piano, Hammond organ, synthesizer, electronics,dumbek, saz, dubs, turntables, percussion, vocals
Chris Kelly, guitar
Rick Quinones, guitar, effects, vocals
Mr. Dorgon, turntables
Rob Haggis, percussion
Vanessa Saft, vocals
Antony, vocals
The Coalition of the Willing
Ropeadope Records 0-20286-20712-2
recorded July through September 2005 in Brooklyn, NY/USA
Bobby Previte, drums, percussion
Skerik, tenor sax, baritone sax
Steve Bernstein, trumpet
Charlie Hunter, guitar, bass
Stew Cutler, harmonica, slide guitar
Jamie Saft, organ, synthesizer, guitar, bass
Stanton Moore, drums
Caminante Recordings cami 003
recorded September to October 2005 in Brooklyn, NY/USA and Tokyo/Japan
Jamie Saft, guitar, organ, synthesizer, dubs, bass, drums, vocals
Msami Akita, computer
Six Litanies For Heliogabalus
Tzadik TZ 7361
John Zorn, alto sax, conductor
Jamie Saft, organ
Ikue Mori, electronics
Trevor Dunn, bass
Joey Baron, drums
Mike Patton, voice
Tzadik TZ 7376
recorded February 2009 in New York City/USA
John Zorn, conductor
Marc Ribot, guitar
Jamie Saft, piano, organ
Kenny Wollesen, vibes
Trevor Dunn, bass
Joey Baron, drums
Cyro Baptista, percussion
Black Shabbis
Tzadik TZ 8133
recorded in Brooklyn/USA
Jamie Saft, organ, synthesizer, melltotron, bass, vocals
Trevor Dunn, bass
Bobby Previte, drums
Dmitriy Shnaydman, drums
Mike Pride, drums
Mr. Dorgon, vocals
Vanessa Saft, vocals
A Bag Of Shells
Tzadik TZ 7520
recorded in Brooklyn, NY/USA
Jamie Saft, guitar, Farfisa organ, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer piano, mellotron, bass, drums, percussion
Bill McHenry, tenor sax
Yacouba Sissoko, kora
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, oud, percussion
Erik Friedlander, cello
Vin Cin, bass
Bobby Previte, drums
Dmitriy Shnaydman, drums
Cyro Baptista, percussion
The New Standard
RareNoise Records RNR041
recorded in Potterville, NY/USA
Jamie Saft, piano, organ
Steve Swallow, bass
Bobby Previte, drums
Little Cross
SteepleChase SCCD 31799

Kirk Knuffke, cornet
Jamie Saft, Hammond B-3 organ, synthesizer
Hamid Drake, drums
Music From The Early 21St Century

Bobby Previte, drums
Nels Cline, guitar
Jamie Saft, Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, MiniMoog

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