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Vince Seneri
Raised in Hackettstown, NJ, Vince began his musical career on the accordion at the age of six. His father was an accordionist and played professionally with his own band. One day, he bought a Hammond M-3 organ and introduced this instrument to his son. Vince studied the accordion first, and later devoted himself to the Hammond organ and the piano.
During Vince's teens, it was the great Jimmy Smith who musically influenced Seneri more than any other jazz organist. He also admired other organists like Jimmy McGriff, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Richard Groove Holmes, Charles Earland, Larry Young, to mention a few. His piano influences were Oscar Peterson, Wynton Kelly, McCoy Tyner, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock among others. Vince is a graduate of Rutgers University Newark, NJ, where he obtained a BA degree in business.
Vince was also greatly inspired by jazz guitarist George Benson. Benson's music and persona have been a big influence in Seneri's career. He met the legendary performer in 1986 during a Jimmy Smith performance at the Blue Note in NYC. Years later, Vince had the honor of being asked by Benson to perform with him at the Jack McDuff Historical Jazz Tribute.
Leading his own band, Vince Seneri has had the privilege of performing and recording with some of the finest musicians in the USA like Dave Valentin, Houston Person, Buddy Williams, Bob DeVos, Roger Byam, Onaje Allan Gumbs, and many more. Vince is endorsed by Hammond Suzuki USA. He performs, records and tours with the new Hammond B-3 organ.
contact: VinSeneri@aol.com
homepage: www.vinceseneri.com
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Straight Ahead
VAM Records

Vince Seneri, Hammond B-3 organ
Tony Viscardo, guitar
Buddy Williams, drums
Urban Paradise
SenFul Records SF-001
recorded April 2003 in Englewood, NJ/USA
Vince Seneri, Hammond B-3 organ
Dave Valentin, flute
Bob DeVos, guitar
Buddy Williams, drums
Emedin Rivera, percussion
Houston Person, tenor sax
Street Talk
SenFul Records SF-002
recorded April 2005 in Englewood, NJ/USA
Vince Seneri, Hammond B-3 organ
Bob DeVos, guitar
Buddy Williams, drums
Gary Fritz, percussion
David "Fathead" Newman, tenor sax
Houston Person, tenor sax
Dave Valentin, flute
Play Me Right
Vam 521
Vince Seneri, Hammond B-3 organ, piano
Roger Byam, sax
George Wadenius, guitar
Bob DeVos, guitar
Joe Guido, guitar
Marvel Allen, keyboards
Lynnett Durpree, keyboards
Onage Allen Gumbs, keyboards
Ron Jenkins, bass
Luico Hopper, bass
Carl Latham, drums
Buddy Williams, drums
Isaac Clemens, vocals
The Prince's Groove
Prince V Records PVR-007
recorded May 2007 in Englewood, NJ/USA
Vince Seneri, Hammond B-3 organ
Houston Person, tenor sax
Randy Brecker, trumpet
Paul Bollenback, guitar
Gary Fritz, percussion
Buddy Williams, drums
Dave Valentin, flute
Riche Flores, percussion

Sound Samples
MP3 "Eleanor Rigby", from the album "Urban Paradise"
05:10 - 4,856kB
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