James Simpson
James (* 1972) has found his musical roots in his family: His mother gave him piano lessons, his aunt and his uncle were both pianists and organists. Due to familiar reasons, James learnt to play the alto sax. During his teen years, he traveled with his aunt and uncle around California playing at various churches. This is where he was first introduced to the Hammond organ.
By 1989, James experimented with creating hip-hop music and recorded a self titles EP. In 1990, James entered the US Army and was stationed in Germany. In 1993, he came back to the USA and stationed in Texas. He was introduced to tenor sax player Kyle Turner and joined his band "Standing Room Only", which later was renamed "Tunisia", as the keyboardist.
In 1997, James changed to the band "Hot Buttered Rhythm". They toured to New York, Vermont and Canada. When, in 1998, James met Jon Ussery, who needed an organ player for a recording. A B3 was rent, and James had the great chance to get used to it. Later, John could get a C3 from Lee Spencer for James.
Things developed faster, when James met Jack McDuff in the Birdland/NYC. He got advices from him, but also from Jimmy Smith and Dr. Polk. In 2001, James moved back to Germany and is currently on the scene playing drums and organ. Early 2003, his first album "Soul Revival" has been released.
contact: james@simpsonsound.com
homepage: www.simpsonsound.com
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Soul Revival
Solid Rock SPR-1972
recorded January 2003 in Austin, TX/USA
James Simpson, Hammond B-3 organ
Kerry Wilkins, guitar
Brannen Temple, drums
Ephraim Owens, trumpet
Phillipe Vieux, tenor sax
Like Back In The Days
Rodenstein Records ROD 24
recorded October 2004 in Germany
Olaf Schönborn, sax
James Simpson, organ
Allen Blairman, drums

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