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Trevor Steer
Currently based in Los Angeles, Trevor started his musical training as a classical pianist at age 5 in his hometown of San Francisco. Pivoting to the saxophone as a teenager, he toured through Europe and Japan as the lead alto player for the Monterey Jazz Festival High School Allstar Band, later studying briefly at Berklee College of Music before returning both to California and the keyboard. It was then that he found his calling, buying his first Hammond and founding the funk/modern jazz trio Organ Freeman. Since releasing their debut album in December 2015, they have quickly made a name for themselves in the Los Angeles scene, opening for artists such Cory Henry, Reggie Watts, Neal and Alan Evans of Soulive, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band and many others in addition to playing festivals all around the country. Trevor continues to work with various artists in the LA area as a freelance player while expanding the reach of his project and touring throughout the US.
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D.O.G. Trio
no label

Trevor Steer, organ, keyboards
Noé Socha, guitar, harmonica
Jordan Rose, drums
Trey Macias, percussion
Will Lydgate
Organ Freeman
Milestone Music Group

Trevor Steer, organ, keyboards, bass
Erik Carlson, guitar
Rob Humphreys, drums
Respect My Art
Milestone Music Group

Trevor Steer, organ, keyboards, bass
Woody Mankowski, alto sax
Jesse McGinty, tenor sax
Sean Billings, trumpet
Erik Carlson, guitar
Theo Katzman, guitar
Dave Brandwein, guitar
Sean Hurley, bass
Rob Humphreys, drums

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