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Victor Wainwright
Victor (* 1981 in Savannah, GA) is a blues and boogie-woogie singer, songwriter, and pianist. At the age of 10 at a family gathering, Victor played "Für Elise" (Beethoven). His own ensemble backed Eric Culberson at the Savannah Blues Bar, during the former's high school years.
Victor later attended college in Daytona Beach, FL, and undertook an Air Traffic Management and Psychology degree at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, before relocating to Memphis, TN. He then worked as an air traffic controller at Memphis International Airport.
In 2004, Wainwright met Florida native Stephen Dees in Ormond Beach, FL. The latter was part of Novo Combo in the early 1980s. The meeting led to Dees co-writing and producing Victor's debut album, Piana from Savannah (2005). In 2008, Victor played alongside the Reverend Billy C. Wirtz on Wirtz's live album Pianist Envy - Group Therapy.
In October 2010, Victor appeared at Dark Season Blues in Norway, and in 2011, he performed at the South Florida Boogie Woogie Piano Festival. Victor also performed at Springing the Blues in Jacksonville Beach, FL, plus at Memphis in May in 2012. The same year he was nominated for the first time for a Blues Music Award. In October 2014, he appeared at the Daytona Blues Festival.
Following an impromptu jam session in July 2011 in Florida, Victor teamed up with Damon Fowler, J.P. Soars, Chuck Riley, and Chris Peet to form the band that would eventually become Southern Hospitality. In 2014, he won the 'Pinetop Perkins Piano Player of the Year' award at the Blues Music Awards for the second consecutive year. Victor teamed up with friend, engineer, and producer Dave Gross in 2017 to form "The Train". He currently lives in Memphis, TN.
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Beale Street To The Bayou
Wildroots Records CD2009
recorded in Cadiz, OH/USA
Victor Wainwright, organ, piano, harmonica
Ray Guiser, sax
Bob Dionne, trombone
Ken Titmus, trumpet
Stephen Dees, guitar, bass, percussion, vocals
Greg Gumpel, guitar, mandolin, banjo
David Turner, cello
Brian Kelly, drums
Alberto Cruz, congas
Raise Your Hands
no label
recorded in Cadiz, OH/USA
Deb Landolt, vocals
Rich Lataille, alto sax
Mark Earley, baritone sax
Doug Woolverton, trumpet
Sean Carney, guitar
Dave Clo, guitar
David Fowler, guitar
Colin John, guitar
Matt O'Ree, guitar
Brent Pennell, guitar
J P Soars, guitar
Jimmy Thackery, guitar
Bart Walker, guitar
John Popovich, organ, piano
Victor Wainwright, organ
Reese Wynans, organ
Melvin Powe, bass
Chuck Riley, bass
Chris Peet, drums
Jan Roll, drums
Lynn Williams, percussion
Shaun Booker, vocals
Philip Pemberton, vocals
Nikki Scott, vocals
Easy Livin'
Blind Pig Records BPCD 5152
recorded in Houma, CA/USA
J.P. Soars, guitar, dobro, vocals
Damon Fowler, guitar, vocals
Victor Wainwright, Hammond B-3 organ, piano, vocals
Chuck Riley, bass
Chris Peet, drums
Boom Town
Blind Pig Records BPCD 5164
recorded in Memphis, TN and Edgewater, FL/USA
Victor Wainwright, piano, Hammond organ, vocals
Charlie DeChant, tenor sax, baritone sax
Patricia Ann Dees, tenor sax, vocals
Ray Guiser, tenor sax
Nick Black, guitar, vocals
J.P. Soars, guitar
Robert Top Thomas, guitar
Stephen Dees, guitar, bass, tambourine, vocals
Ernie Lancaster, slide guitar
Chris Stephenson, Hammond organ
Stephen Kampa, harmonica
Billy Dean, drums
Juan Perez, percussion

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