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Howard Wales
Organist Howard Wales was best known for his collaborations with Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia. After honing his chops during the mid-1960s backing acts ranging from Ronnie Hawkins to the Four Tops to James Brown, Wales eventually settled in San Francisco, joining the group A.B. Skhy; he first performed with Garcia at the guitarist's weekly jam sessions with bassist John Kahn and drummer Bill Vitt at the Bay Area club the Matrix, and in 1970 played on the Dead's seminal American Beauty LP. Hooteroll?, the first joint Wales/Garcia album, appeared in 1971; in January of 1972, the duo also teamed with guitarist Jim Vincent, bassist Roger Troy and drummer Jerry Love in a band which performed regularly during the year to follow. In addition to a longstanding stint backing guitarist Harvey Mandel, in 1976 Wales released a solo album, Rendezvous with the Sun; a follow-up, The Monk in the Mansion, appeared a few years later. He performed infrequently with Garcia in the years leading to the latter's 1995 death; one of their 1970 Matrix jams was officially released in 1998 as the first volume in the ongoing Side Trips series.
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Baby Batter
Janus Records JLS 3017
released 1971
Harvey Mandel, guitar
Howard Wales, organ, piano
Mike Melvoin, organ, piano
Larry Taylor, bass
Colin Bailey, drums
Paul Lagos, drums
Big Black, congas
Emil Richards, percussion
Joe Picaro, percussion
Sandra Crouch, tambourine
CBS DGL 69013
released 1971
Howard Wales, organ, piano
Jerry Garcia, guitar
John Kahn, bass
Bill Vitt, drums
Michael Marinelli, drums
Curly Cook, guitar
Martin Fierro, sax, flute
Ken Balzall, trumpet
The Monk In The Mansion
What Next Records WNR-002
released 1994
recorded 1992 in Nicassio, CA/USA
Howard Wales, organ, synthesizer
Rob Sudduth, sax
Curt Lindberg, trombone
Philip “Levi” Wood, trumpet
Terry Haggerty, guitar
Dave Burgin, harmonica
Tim Haggerty, bass
Tony Saunders, bass
Bobby Vega, bass
Tom Donlinger, drums
Benny Murray, drums
Chris Sandoval, drums
Michael Carabello, percussion
Jennifer Newell, vocals
Twanna Turner, vocals
Complex Simplex
What Next Records WNR-003
recorded 2001 in San Francisco, CA/USA
Howard Wales, organ, piano, synthesizer
Jim Rothermel, tenor sax
Mic Gillette, trombone
Peter Welker, trumpet
Michael Whitwell, trumpet
Don Fox, guitar
Terry Haggerty, guitar
Chris Hayes, guitar
Harvey Mandel, guitar
Ralph Woodson, guitar
Steve Cox, bass
Steve Evans, bass
Rob Lopez, bass
Bob Cochran, drums
Carl Hoffman, drums
Gregg Schnitzer, drums
Steve Van Dewark, drums
Tommy Donlinger, drums, percussion
Al Vasquez, percussion
Between Two Worlds
What Next Records WNR-004
recorded 2006 in Forestville, CA and San Francisco, CA/USA
Howard Wales, organ, synthesizer
Jim Rothermell, tenor sax
Rene Jenkins, trombone
Peter Welker, trumpet, flugelhorn
Michael Whitwell, trumpet, flugelhorn
Michael Lee Firkins, guitar
Garth Weber, guitar
Ralph Woodson, guitar
Steve Evans, bass
Ira Walker, bass
Tom Donlinger, drums
Elijah, drums
Steve Van Dewark, drums
Louie Romero, congas
Up From The Desert
Brr BRR4012
recorded 26 January 1972 in Boston, MA/USA
Howard Wales, keyboards
Jerry Garcia, guitar
Roger Troy, bass
Jerry Love, drums
Jim Vincent, guitar
no label
recorded 2012 in San Rafael, CA/USA
Howard Wales, organ, keyboard
Chris Cain, guitar
Garth Weber, guitar
Steve Evans, bass
Tom Donlinger, drums
Kenny Stavropoulos, drums
Phil “Levi” Wood, trumpet, flugelhorn
Ed Early, trombone
Carl Green, tenor sax
Otto, percussion
no label
recorded 2014 in Sebastopol, CA/USA
Howard Wales, Hammond B-3 organ, piano
Tom Donlinger, drums
Life Is A Trip
no label
recorded in Sebastopol, CA/USA
Howard Wales, organ, synthesizer
Ken “Snake Bite” Jacobs, tenor sax
Ed Early, trombone
Phil “Levi” Wood , trumpet
Garth Weber, guitar
Steve Evans, bass
Tom Donlinger, drums
Kenny Stavropoulos, drums

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