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Allan Zavod
Allan (* 1945 in Australia) was a pianist, composer, jazz musician and occasional conductor. He completed a music degree from the Melbourne Conservatorium, University of Melbourne in 1969. His talent as a pianist was recognised by Duke Ellington, who arranged for him to study at the Berklee College of Music, Boston, where Allan was later a professor of music.
Allan was based in the US for 20 years, where he played, toured and recorded. He scored more than 30 American and Australian films and television shows. His symphonic works have been performed by orchestras in Australia, Europe and the U.S. He composed the Environmental Symphony for orchestra, narrator and synchronized visuals which was performed at the 2010 Banksia Environmental Awards and narrated by Sir Richard Branson. The University of Melbourne awarded Zavod the Degree of Doctor of Music in recognition of his international achievements as a composer. Allan died in 2016.
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homepage: www.allanzavod.com


Life & Time
Atlantic SD 18166
recorded in New York City
released 1976
Billy Cobham, synthesizer, percussion
John Scofield, guitar
Dawilli Gonga, keyboards
Allan Zavod, organ
Doug Rauch, bass
Enigmatic Ocean
Atlantic SD 19110
recorded June/July 1977
Jean-Luc Ponty, violin, bells
Daryl Stuermer, guitar
Allan Holdsworth, guitar
Allan Zavod, organ, synthesizer, piano, clavinet
Ralphe Armstrong, bass
Steve Smith, drums, percussion
Infinity Is
Atlantic ATL 19187
recorded in New York, NY/USA
released 1978
Sonny Fortune, soprano sax, alto sax, flute
Tom Browne, trumpet
Ray Gomez, guitar
Larry Willis, piano, Fender Rhodes
Allan Zavod, organ, synthesizers
Anthony Jackson, bass
Mark Egan, bass
Steve Jordan, drums
Sammy Figueroa, congas
Raphael Cruz, percussion
Cosmic Messenger
Atlantic ATL 19189
recorded in Hollywood, CA/USA
released 1978
Jean-Luc Ponty, violin, keyboards
Joaquin Lievano, guitar
Peter Maunu, guitar
Allan Zavod, keyboards
Ralphe Armstrong, bass
Casey Scheuerell, drums, percussion
Atlantic ATL 19229
recorded live December 1978 during a concert tour in the USA
Jean-Luc Ponty, violin, keyboards
Jamie Glaser, guitar
Joaquin Lievano, guitar
Allan Zavod, keyboards
Ralphe Armstrong, bass
Casey Scheuerell, drums, percussion
Le Voyage - Anthology
Rhino Records 8122-72155-2
recorded May 1975 through March 1993
Jean-Luc Ponty, organ, piano, synthesizer, violin, autoharp, percussion
Martin Atangana, guitar
Jamie Glaser, guitar
Scott Henderson, guitar
Allan Holdsworth, guitar
Joaquin Lievano, guitar
Peter Maunu, guitar
Dan Sawyer, guitar
Daryl Stuermer, guitar
Wally Minko, piano
Chris Rhyne, piano, synthesizer
Patrice Rushen, clavinet, organ, piano, synthesizer
Allan Zavod, clavinet, organ, piano, synthesizer
Ralphe Armstrong, bass
Baron Browne, bass
Tom Fowler, bass
Randy Jackson, bass
Guy N'Sangue, bass
Mark Craney, drums
Norman Fearrington, drums, percussion
Ray Griffin, drums, percussion
Abdou M'Boup, bougarabou drums, percussion
Ndugu, drums, percussion
Mokhtar Samba, drums, percussion
Paulinho Da Costa, percussion
Rudiments - The Billy Cobham Anthology
Atlantic R2 7428
Billy Cobham, synthesizer, drums, percussion
Michael Brecker, soprano sax, tenor sax, flute
Larry Schneider, sax
Randy Brecker, trumpet, flugelhorn
Garnett Brown, trombone
Glenn Ferris, trombone, bass trombone
Tom "Bones" Malone, trombone, trumpet, piccolo
Walt Fowler, trumpet
John Abercrombie, guitar
Tommy Bolin, guitar
Cornell Dupree, guitar
John Scofield, guitar
George Duke, keyboards, vocals
Dawilli Gonga, keyboards
Milcho Leviev, keyboards
Jan Hammer, synthesizer, piano
Allan Zavod, organ
Sue Evans, marimba
Alex Blake, bass
Alfonso Johnson, bass
Doug Rauch, bass
Leland Sklar, bass
John "Buddy" Williams, bass
David Earle Johnson, congas
Lee Pastora, Latin percussion

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