The Organizers: + 1

cover picture Olufsen Records DOCD 5375

Kjeld Lauritsen, Hammond organ
Bob Rockwell, tenor sax
Ethan Weisgard, congas
Ole Rømer, drums
Randy Johnston, guitar

Who ever thinks of North European people thinks of cool people, the counterpart of Mediterranian people. But you did not know Kjeld Lauritsen, the hot jazz man at the Hammond. May be his attitude is friendly and restrained but you will experience a total different music: swinging, cooking, just a very active asset of the Danish jazz scene.
With the support of guest Randy Johnston, the Organizers again prove that they belong to the European's top jazz trios.

Organ jazz trio at its best!

Download a sound sample (MP3) of this album: "Organized Riff" by klicking on the MP3-label.


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