Michael Falkenstein: High Heel Sneakers

cover picture Manual Music 02022-2

Michael Falkenstein, Hammond New B-3 organ, piano
Isabelle Siyou Ngnoubamdjum, vocals
Jürgen Schlachter, drums
Patrick Wieland, guitar
Mick Pini, guitar
Tanja Korol, vocals
Natascha Goldbach, vocals

In Germany, Mr. Hammond and Michael Falkenstein is a synonym. Who ever visited the Hammond booth on the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, will know him as the agent of Hammond Suzuki for Germany and Austria and as the vivacious player sitting at the New B3, striking some chords and explaining the instrument. And when "the prince of soul", as James Brown called him, starts swinging and grooving, it gets hot in the small booth, visitors are clapping hands and start sweating, not only from the heat indoors.

High Heel Sneakers, Michael's second CD, gives an impression of this Musikmesse feeling (you have to supply the heat indoors yourself). Michael creates a blend of soul and funk, which is - in spite of all examples Michael had - unique to him. Tunes of the Pop ("Satisfaction"), Soul ("What I'd Say") and Gospel ("Motherless Child") scenes are the ingredients of which Michael mixes this appetizing Hammond cake. You will long for more.



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