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Michael Falkenstein
Michael's way as a Hammond freak and a professional was determined by his father's activities who has been involved in the service business for electronic instruments. In 1982, he opened a Hammond studio in which Michael, as a youngster, was allowed to present Hammond instruments. This was a unique chance to play and teach himself. Very quickly, he adopted famous organ players like Jimmy Smith, Curt Prina or Wild Bill Davis.
The Hammond became his passion. "A Hammond sticker was worth a whole bunch of bills", he says. Just turned 15, he performed for the first time. In the years to follow, Michael had some excellent chances to meet artists who gave him decisive impulses for his further career: James Brown and Jimmy Smith. James dubbed him "Prince of Soul on the Hammond-Organ".

Michael's business today is the Hammond. He is the general sales manager for Hammond Suzuki in Germany, Austria and some East European countries.

contact: falkenstein@hammond.de
homepage: www.hammond.de/falkenstein
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Organs & Cars
no label
recorded 1998 in Frankfurt, Main/Germany
Michael Falkenstein, Hammond organ
Andreas Neubauer, drums
Oliver Klenk, guitar
Jo Mikowich, tenor sax
High Heel Sneakers
Manual Music 02022-2
recorded 2002 in Germany
Michael Falkenstein, Hammond New B-3 organ, footpedals, piano
Isabelle Siyou Ngnoubamdjum, vocals
Jürgen Schlachter, drums
Patrick Wieland, guitar
Mick Pini, guitar
Tanja Korol, vocals
Natascha Goldbach, vocals
Hammond Swing Pops & Ballades
Manual Music 02029-2
recorded 2005 in Germany
Michael Falkenstein, Hammond organ XE-200
Hammond Explosion
Manual Music 02030-2
recorded March 2005 in Berlin/Germany
Michael Falkenstein, Hammond organ, bass
Christian Kreutzer, guitar
Matthias Schmidt, drums
Igor Flach, bluesharp

Organ solo extract from "Georgia On My Mind"
Michael Falkenstein, Hammond B-3 organ

Sound Samples
MP3 "Brown Funk", from the album "Hammond Explosion"
05:02 - 4,754kB
Video Organ solo extract from "Georgia On My Mind", [as MP4, size: 8,470 kB]

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