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Larry Thurston:
School For Fools
Label Cousin Moe Music
recorded in Woodstock, NY and New York, NY/USA
online distribution


Larry Thurston vocals
Arno Hecht sax
Jimmy Eppard guitar
Andy Falco guitar
Tom Maloney guitar
Rich McDonough guitar
Arthur Neilson guitar
Jeremy Baum Hammond organ
Johnnie Johnson piano
Doña Oxford harmonica
Keith Doder harmonica
Mike Dunn bass
Gus Thornton bass
Tim Tindall bass
Levon Helm drums
Matt Mousseau drums


Track List
01: Brokenhearted & Broke
02: You Know Who You Are
03: Lost Dog Blues
04: School for Fools
05: My Woman Left Me
06: Blues For Brooklyn
07: Gravediggin' Blues
08: Reasons To Love
09: Seventeen Years
10: Warning Shot
11: Happy Hour
12: Blues To Go




Sound Samples


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