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Jeremy Baum
Jeremy (*1971) started playing the piano at the age of 5, and in his teens he played classical recitals at the State University of New York. After High School, he studied jazz piano at the same college. It was there that he joined Murali Coryell's band.
After college, Jeremy joined the Bill Perry Blues Band. At Manny's Car Wash Blues Club in NYC, He got a chance to play with many other great artists, such as Richie Havens, Joe Louis Walker, and Ronnie Earl.
Jeremy has done freelance work for many different artists, and has been featured on national TV. He is also pianist and arranger/composer for Soñando, an Afro-Cuban band. Today, Jeremy leads his own organ trio, which is rooted in the blues and heavily influenced by the funky soul-jazz sounds of the late 60's.
contact: jeremybaum@earthlink.net
homepage: www.jeremybaum.com
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Greycourt Lightning
Pointblack Records 724384551520
Bill Perry, guitar, vocals
"Papa" John Mole, drums
Tom Hunter, piano
Gil Cruz, bass
Jeremy Baum, Hammond B-3 organ
Dean Scala, guitar
Keith Telar, trombone
Mark Pike, alto sax
Rich Mariday, tenor sax
Ernie Colon
Round Every Corner
Shanachie 9010
recorded January 1998 in Bronxville, NY/USA
Debbie Davies, dobro, guitar, vocals
Jim McElwaine, sax
Frank London, trumpet
Bob Hoffnar, pedal steel guitar
Jeremy Baum, Hammond organ, piano
Jonathan Sanborn, bass
Stuart Stahr, drums
Lauren Stauber, vocals
Tales From The Austin Motel
Shanachie 9019
recorded February 1999 in Austin, TX/USA
Debbie Davies, guitar, vocals
David Brown, trumpet
Jeremy Baum, organ
Anthony Geraci, piano
Joe Ferry, bass
Tommy Shannon, bass
Chris Layton, drums
Lost River Jams
Flying Yak Records FY 10002
recorded February/March 2002 in Wingdale, NY/USA
Jeremy Baum, Hammond organ
Chris Vitarello, guitar
Bill Perry, guitar, vocals
Ernesto "Ernie" Colón, drums
Malcom Gold, bass
Sueño Del Valle
Soñando Records SR1001
recorded 2002 in Rhinebeck, NY/USA
Ruben Quintero, vocals, conga, percussion
Eric Wilson, percussion
Jose Souffront, bongo
Jeremy Baum, piano, Hammond organ
Tony Velez, tres
John Parker, bass
Jaf Farkas, bass
Phil DeMer, trumpet
Dean Jones, trombone
Shane Kirsch, sax
School For Fools
Cousin Moe Music
recorded in Woodstock, NY and New York, NY/USA
Larry Thurston, vocals
Arno Hecht, sax
Jimmy Eppard, guitar
Andy Falco, guitar
Tom Maloney, guitar
Rich McDonough, guitar
Arthur Neilson, guitar
Jeremy Baum, Hammond organ
Johnnie Johnson, piano
Doña Oxford, piano
Keith Doder, harmonica
Mike Dunn, bass
Gus Thornton, bass
Tim Tindall, bass
Levon Helm, drums
Matt Mousseau, drums
Galgano Distribution 78606
Brian Kaplan, guitar, trombone, vocals
Scott Fivel, guitar, vocals
Chad Mendrysa, guitar, vcals
Jeremy Baum, Hammond B-3 organ, harpsichord, piano
Will Railton, drums, percussion
Chris Fisher, percussion, vocals
It Is What It Is
Savant SCD 2057
recorded January/February 2004 in Paramus, NJ/USA
Melvin Sparks, guitar
Joe Herbeck, sax
Cochemea Gastalim, sax
Jeremy Baum, organ
Adam Scone, organ
Eric Kalb, drums
After The Fall
M.C. Records MC-0069
recorded in Glen Ridge, NJ/USA
Debbie Davies, guitar, vocals
Dave Gross, guitar, bass, percussion
Jeremy Baum, Hammond B-3 organ, piano
Bruce Katz, Hammond B-3 organ
Matt Lindsey, bass
Scot Hornick, bass
Michael Bram, drums
Don Castagno, drums
The Eel
Flying Yak Records 700261398280
recorded 2014 in USA
Jeremy Baum, organ, piano, accordion
Chris Vitarello, guitar
Jay Collins, flute, tenor sax
Eric Kalb, drums
Juma Sultan, congas
Myles Mancuso, guitar
Chris Reddan, drums
Juma Sultan, congas
Dave Gross, tambourine
Michael Bram, drums
Matt Raymond, bass
Chris O'Leary, vocal, harmonica
Eddie Torres, congas
Dennis Greunling, harmonica
Phil DeMier, trumpet
Dean Jones, trombone
Tony Tino, bass
Scott Sharrard, guitar
Solid Ground
Ruf Records RUF 1201
recorded in Glen Ridge, NJ/USA
Albert Castiglia, guitar, vocals
Lou Bevere, guitar, vocals
Debbie Davies, guitar, vocals
Dave Gross, guitar, mandolin, bass, percussion, vocals
Jeremy Baum, Hammond B-3 organ, Wurlitzer
Matt Schuler, bass, vocals
Bob Amsell, drums
In Session
Flying Yak Records

Jeremy Baum, organ
no further details known
Hunk O' Funk
Flying Yak Records
Jeremy Baum, Hammond organ, clavinet
Jeanne Geiger, trombone
Chris Pasin, trumpet
Jay Collins, flute
Chris Vitarello, guitar
Andy Stack, bass
Manuel Quintana, drums
Carlos Valdez, percussion

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