Bruno Erminero: Afro Blue

cover picture Azzurra TBP JAB075

Bruno Erminero, organ
Marco Collazzoni, sax
Claudio Canzano, drums, percussion
Fabrizio Bosso, trumpet
Pietro Condorelli, guitar
Ada Montellanico, vocals

To come to the conclusion first: This is first-class jazz. Afro Blue is a great surprise. 6 Italian musicians, hardly known on the European level, play tunes of famous composers such as Bill Evans, Miles Davis or Wayne Shorter. And they do this in a way of their own: thoughtful, sensory, soulful, but with verve and a lot of rhythm.

Bruno's organ exercises restraint. He accompanies more than he shines by solos. But he accompanies amazingly: Well-aimed chords support the solo instruments just in the right moment with just the right harmonies. Bruno sets to work very sensitively. But there are also organ solos, here Bruno proves an original style, which could carefully be called "post-bop".

This CD lives not so much on the groove, but more on Ada's lyric singing, Marco's singing sax, Fabrizio's curious trumpet and Claudio's excellent drums, not to forget Bruno's harmonic organ. Afro Blue is a wonderful CD.



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