Bruno Erminero
Bruno attended the Jazz University in 1988, and in 1992, he got his Master's degree in piano at the Conservatorio of Perugia. His first album "Fragile" showed him as the founder of the fusion music group "Fragile". Bruno attended the Umbria Jazz Berkeley Summer Clinics in 1994 and 1995. In 1996, he specialized in jazz music at the Conservatorio of Perugia with Giovanni Tommaso and Marco Tamburini. At the same time, he began studying the Hammond organ, and a year later only, he set up his first organ trio. He was given many precious suggestions by the famous organists Jimmy McGriff and Lonnie Smith.
Bruno, in the course of the next years, had many occasions to present himself on the Italian scene as a pianist and an organist. Meanwhile, he is working as a pianist and an arranger in theatre with the famous Italian comedian Marco Messeri. Also, he is the director of the summer jazz courses of the S. Elpidio Jazz Festival where he works together with the teachers of the Berkeley College of Music, Boston.
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Listen To My Soul
Pagina 3 BD 1361
recorded 1997
Bruno Erminero, organ
Luca Collazzoni, bass
Giulio Proletti, drums
Lush Tales LTCD0116
recorded May 2000 in Italy
Marco Collazzoni, alto sax
Luca Bonifazi, guitar
Bruno Erminero, Hammond B-3 organ
Gioacchino Fabbi, drums
Luca Collazzoni, bass
New Island
Azzurra Music TBP JAB062
recorded August 2002 in Terni/Italy
Bruno Erminero, organ
Marco Collazzoni, alto sax
Garrison Fewell, guitar
Claudio Canzano, drums
Afro Blue
Azzurra Music TBP JAB075
recorded February 2004 in Terni/Italy
Bruno Erminero, organ
Marco Collazzoni, sax
Claudio Canzano, drums, percussion
Fabrizio Bosso, trumpet
Pietro Condorelli, guitar
Ada Montellanico, vocals
My Love
Azzurra Music TBP JAB075
recorded 2004 in Italy
Bruno Erminero, Hammond organ
M. Collazzoni, tenor sax
F. D'Avanzo, trumpet
A. Lombardini, bass
R. Morpurgo, Fender Rhodes
L. Colussi, drums
L. Maroni, vocal
Christmas Jazz
Groove GV 104
recorded March 2004 in Terni/Italy
Bruno Erminero, Hammond organ
Lisa Maroni, vocals
Giacomo Anselmi, guitar
Marco Collazzoni, soprano sax, tenor sax
Massimo Cantini, drums
Paolo Chiari, drums
N.O.T. For Me
Splasch Records H950.2
recorded August 2004 in Turino/Italy
Lorenzo Minguzzi, guitar
Bruno Erminero, Hammond A100 organ
Maurizio Cuccuini, drums
Jazzfestival 2005
comar23 CD 0406
recorded June 2005 in Terni/Italy
Big Band c/ by Marco Collazoni
Sid Jacobs, guitar
Simone Ricci, guitar
Andy Gravish, trombone
Bruno Erminero, Hammond organ
Marco Collazoni, soprano sax
Another Spring
Caligola Records 2101
recorded February 2008 in San Sebastiano Po/Italy
Lorenzo Minguzzi, guitar
Bruno Erminero, Hammond organ
Paolo Franciscone, drums
An Evening With ...
no label
recorded October 2005 in Terni/Italy
Sid Jacobs, guitar
Bruno Erminero, Hammond A-105 organ
Marco Collazzoni, sax
Steel Novo
no label
recorded June 2016 in Terni/Italy
Bruno Erminero, Hammond organ
Giuliano Graziano, guitar
Tiziano Tetro, drums, percussion
At The Window
Camilla Records CAM-018.1
recorded March 2015 in Roma/Italy
Bruno Erminero, Hammond organ
Giacomo Anselmi, guitar
Giulio Proietti, drums

Sound Samples
MP3 "Auld Lang Syne", from the album "Christmas Jazz"
05:06 - 4,788kB
MP3 "Smoking A Half Note", from the album "An Evening With ..."
06:48 - 6,425kB
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