Hans-Martin Limberg: Spirit Walk

cover picture Limbergmusic LCD 077

Hans-Martin Limberg, church organ

This time, Hans-Martin has chosen the organ at the Dreikönigskirche in Haselau/Germany, built in 2002 by Christian Lobback. The reason to mention it, is the fact that Mr. Lobback is one of the few organ builders who have tried new ways of providing a pipe organ with a MIDI interface. Thus, the organist can select digital instruments and mix them with the pipe organ sound. Hans-Martin took this chance and expanded the pipe organ sound with two electronic instruments (a Voce V5 and a Viscount EXL 200).

Equipped in such a way, Limberg lets dance pipes or pushes powerful harmonies into the air. When listening to this music, try to find out which of the sound sources (acoustical or digital) Hans-Martin is just using. You will experience a harmonic cooperation of both. The digital expansion supports the pipes - not more. That proves Limberg's ability to resist any cheap showmanship; he uses stops and voices with all respect for the instruments.

As a composer he is, it is obvious for him to present own compositions. Out of 11 tunes, there is one standard only ("Summertime"). Most of them are vivid, giving the organist the chance to play with swing, almost with a certain groove, in a very style of his own. He also presents meditative tunes such as in "Prayer".
Organ jazz of its best.



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