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Hans-Martin Limberg
Hans-Martin Limberg, born 1961 in Münster/Germany, studied church music in Detmold and Dortmund, the subject organ with Christoph Grohmann and piano with Johannes Jensen. In 1984, he began to work as an organist and a choirmaster in Bielefeld and Münster.
1986, Hans-Martin decided to continue his career as freelance musician. Various tours led him, together with the sax player Manfred Worthmann, to churches at home and abroad. Limberg also distinguishes himself as composer for TV movies. He has written a lot of compositions for the piano, the organ as well as organ and sax. He has made arrangements for all kind of ensembles. Since 1996, his main activities are concerts on organs playing his own compositions, and also performances as a jazz piano player.
contact: management@limbergmusic.de
homepage: www.limbergmusic.de
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Dancing Pipes
Piper Records
recorded May 2000 in Altenberg/Germany
Hans-Martin Limberg, church organ
Spirit Walk
Limbergmusic LCD 077
recorded April 2004 in Haselau/Germany
Hans-Martin Limberg, church organ
Limbergmusic LCD 078
recorded November 2005 in Kaufbeuren/Germany
Hans-Martin Limberg, church organ
Cosmic Waltz
recorded March 2006 in Kaufbeuren/Germany
Hans-Martin Limberg, church organ
Christian Kappe, flugelhorn, trumpet

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MP3 "Rhythm Of Time", from the album "Maranata"
08:27 - 7,934kB
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